Athletics World Championships | The coach conjured an extra nail in the spikes – Karsten Warholm’s shoes arouse great astonishment: “I’ve never seen anything like that”

Coach Leif Olav Alnes developed revolutionary spikes for Karsten Warholm, which according to tests are faster than others.

In athletics the furore related to running spikes has been ignited again.

Last summer, the so-called “bouncing spikes”, whose bottoms were like trampolines, were all the rage in athletics. Thanks to the base structure reinforced with carbon fiber, the force of the runner’s steps was returned to the field surface better than before.

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The ground-breaking piikkari innovation gave rise to enormous improvements in results on running tracks. For example, the Norwegian superstar Karsten Warholm ran a new world record for the 400m hurdles in an unfathomable 45.94.

In Eugene, the Norwegian has completely new spikes on his feet again. A protrusion sticks out from the toe of the shoe, which looks like some kind of nail.

Warhol’s competitors were worried before the 400-meter hurdles final on Tuesday. Perhaps the shoes will propel the ME man to a top time and a gold medal again.

“What are those?” Alison dos Santos wondered after the semi-finals.

“I hope they don’t make him faster because I don’t have the same ones. They look funny. What’s in them?” He asked.

Yasmani Coppello was also confused.

“Are they new? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Spikes was developed by Warholm’s trainer Leif Olav Alnes. The runner believes that he got a pair of shoes from Alnes that will completely change his feet.

“Leif believes that this will revolutionize the shoe market,” said Warholm on Norwegian TV2.

TV2 writes that spikes equipped with a “claw” are faster than regular spikes, also in the light of tests. The key lies in the fact that the contact surface between the track and the sole of the shoe is larger. In this way, more energy can be extracted from the carbon fiber.

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Warholm himself has previously been against, for example, “bouncing spikes”. Now, however, the opinion about the development of equipment seems to have changed.

Warholm race for the 400-meter hurdles gold medal on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:50.

Race day in Eugene might turn into a real Norway and Sweden celebration. In addition to Warholm, also Norway with Jakob Ingebrigtsen has every chance to take the World Championship gold in 1,500 meters and Sweden with Daniel Ståhl grab a win in the discus.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen rolled easily to the final race of 1,500 meters.

Ingebrigtsen runs both 1,500 and 5,000 meters at the World Championships. By winning both trips, he would enter an extremely rare group.

of the United States Bernard Lagat is the only person who has won gold in the same Games on both trips. He did it in Osaka in 2007.

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Norwegian newspaper VG’s according to Lagat believes that Ingebrigtsen will win his favorite distance 1,500 meters with 90 percent certainty.

“He can run hard from the start and still feel comfortable. He can lead the race from start to finish,” Lagat beamed.

“Pressure is not a problem for him. He is carved from a completely different tree than the others.”

The 21-year-old Norwegian holds both the 1,500m and 5,000m European records. Both were born last summer.

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