Athletics World Championships | Aleksi Ojala, who walked the Finnish record, got rid of the “value race” – Aku Partanen was rejected

Aleksi Ojala finished 13th, i.e. the fourth best European in the men’s 35 km walk.

Finnish walker Aleksi Ojala got rid of the “value competition” and was the fourth best European in the men’s 35 km walk at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA. Four warnings received Aku Bearden was rejected.

The men’s 35 km distance was walked for the first time at the World Championships.

The victory went to Italy, the Olympic champion of last year’s 20 km race Massimo Stanowho walked in a race record time of 2.23.14.

of Japan Masatora Kawano was one second slower, third place went to Sweden Perseus Karlstrom at 2.23.44. Karlström already grabbed his second bronze from the World Championships in Eugene, as he was also third in 20 kilometers.

Ojala was the 13th finisher, setting a Finnish record of 2:28.22.

“Vellu, we did it!” was Ojala’s first thought at the goal.

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By Vellu, he means his coach Brother Matti Rantaa.

“Emotions are on the surface. Vellu has done a great job in three years, I can’t help but be satisfied,” commented an emotional Ojala on Yle’s TV broadcast right after the race.

“After many difficult years, I feel really good. The first decent success in the value competition swears to believe that there are opportunities for something here,” said Ojala.

In August Ojala will go to the European Championships in Munich with confidence, after the honor competition has been dropped from his back. At the World Championships, only three Europeans still reached him, the Italian winner, the Swedish bronze medalist and the tenth-placed Spanish Miguel Lopez.

“Now the big burden is off your shoulders, now you can just enjoy. Appreciation competitions have been a pain in the ass for me, failures, so now that kind of thing is off my back,” Ojala said.

Aku Partanen’s competition ended quite soon with too-flying steps, the background of which seemed to be a stiff back. Partanen was disqualified after four warnings. He apparently had difficulty maintaining the ground contact required for walking.

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“Yes, it takes quite a lot on my head. I’m in good shape, and I didn’t get to show it,” Partanen said on Yle’s broadcast after the rejection.

Technical with there have been challenges that have been polished in abundance. Also, the back has been angry recently, which may have brought more range of motion and thus affect the contact with the ground.

“Now we have to get the technology right, it just requires relentless work. I’ve been doing it in every training session all summer, but now I feel like I’ve done useless work,” Partanen said.

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