Athletics Wilma Murto jumped third in the Diamond League hammer race

Tokyo preparing for the olympics Wilma Murto jumped a great stick race in the Diamond League event in Gateshead, UK. Murto finished third in the race with a score of 461, which he surpassed with his second attempt.

Murto, who represents Salon Vilpa, next tried to set a new Finnish record for outdoor tracks 471, but failed to cross.

Murto jumped his record result on the outdoor tracks in the 462 Vaasa ranking competition at the end of June. In this season’s world statistics for women, a 23-year-old Finn ranks 20th.

The United States Sandi Morris won the competition with a result of 476, the British Holly Bradshaw stretched second with a score of 471. Bradshaw is third in world statistics, Morris fourth.

German the monster Johannes Vetterin the men’s spear race starring went against expectations. In seven consecutive races, Vetter, who exceeded 90 meters, took the race victory in the sixth round with his throw of 85.25.

The top result of the Vetter season at the end of May was 96.29 in Poland.

At the Olympics British won the winning the 100-meter women’s fencing competition, which is interesting in Finland Cindy Sember with a time of 12.69. The United States Payton Chadwick was second with a score of 12.75 in the Netherlands Nadine Visser third season best 12.78.

The Diamond League race was originally scheduled to take place in London, but the race was moved to Gateshead due to the coronavirus situation.



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