Athletics Usain Bolt reveals: Different shoes would have made him even faster – “Definitely less than 9.5 seconds”

Today’s “super spikes” amaze the world record man.

6.7. 20:49

Speeding star Usain Bolt was at one time completely in a class of its own in the 100 and 200 meter runs. He pinched world records on both trips and won gold medals at the World Championships and Olympics.

The Guardian in an interview with Bolt, 34, however, says he could have been even faster in his career.

The Jamaican sprinter ran his entire career in Puma’s shoes and was one of the brand’s biggest messengers. Bolt left the treadmills in 2017, and since then, a whole new kind of spikes have flooded the market.

So-called “super spikes” or “super spikes” are a hard word in running circles today. They are lighter than before and waste less of the kinetic energy the runner produces on the ground.

Super spikes it is said to save at least one tenth of a second over a hundred meters. That’s what Bolt himself believes.

“I would have been a lot faster. Definitely less than 9.5 seconds. No doubt about it, ”he loads.

Bolt’s 100-meter world record is 9.58. 200 meters he has run at 19.19.

The Jamaican isn’t worried about breaking his own top results, but he’s wondering what shoe manufacturers ’racing gear will lead to in the future.

“What can I say if they do [piikkarit] once are legal? I can’t fit anything in it. Rules are rules. I don’t think I’ll be completely happy with that, ”Bolt says.



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