Athletics Toni Kuusela broke the Olympic spear limit in Orimattila: “The result did not come from behind the tree”

Senni Salminen, who set the three-jump Finnish record last week, jumped 14.70 in too strong a wind.


Finns the athletes were in good spirits at the Orimattila Star Games on Tuesday. At the same time, the group of Finnish Olympic-eligible athletes was supplemented by one athlete when the javelin thrower Toni Kuusela snatched a result of 85.03 with his other attempt.

The result exceeded the Tokyo Olympics by three cents, and Kuusela finished the race after a button throw.

“The result did not come from behind the tree. I’ve had it so hard again. Immediately after the first race, the problems started in Vantaa. Since then, I have struggled with severe pain. That’s why it feels damn good right now, ”Kuusela said happily.

Kuusela liked the record throw.

“It was just what I’ve been looking for for a long time. In it, the movement took place straight forward. When I succeed, the stick will fly. ”

The number one men’s spear was Polish Marcin Krukowski, who threw 86.52.

Women the three-jump spot saw a high-quality national race. The first place was taken by a new Finnish record jumper a week ago Senni Salminen. Salminen’s winning result was downright dazzling 14.70. The only downside was that the jump was born with a headwind of 2.6 seconds. Under the permitted conditions, the best slice of the Imatra Athletes jumper carried 14.41, which was only ten cents from SE.

“In the winning jump, the second jump started to move quite differently than in the SE jump. It bounced right properly, and there was a feeling in the air that where I was landing right. It was a good jump in every way, although not perfect, ”Salminen said.

Salminen does not yet consider himself the best triple jumper of all time in Finland.

Heli Koivula would eventually grab a wind score of 14.83. I want to break it and preferably in allowed conditions. My situation looks good now, Salminen, who will be competing in the European Championships team next Saturday, said.

Representing Jymy from Orimattila Kristiina Mäkelän the best was 14.19. Mäkelä’s series was flat, only the spike was missing.

“It feels like I’m banging my head against a wall. There was a longer kick in the hopes, but maybe it will come in a couple of weeks in Kuortane, ”said Mäkelä, who is hunting for the Olympic line.



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