Athletics Three-jumper Senni Salminen’s Olympic test went under the bench

All three jumps were overstated. Coach Matti Mononen was not worried that Salminen was left without a result: “There is no confirmation in Tokyo.”

Triple jump Finnish record jumper Senni Salminen on Wednesday prepared for the upcoming Olympic Games in Joensuu in Tokyo.

Salminen simulated the qualifying for the Olympic Games at the Joensuu GP and emphasized the first three rounds.

The first attempt in the heat of more than 30 degrees and the headwind was a bit overdone. The second jump also went to ruins, this time in a slight headwind.

In the third round, the wind turned upside down again (+1.0 m / s), but it didn’t help either: again overstated.

In the Olympic qualifier, the result qualifying for the final must be made in three opening rounds. In that sense, Salminen’s Olympic general failed, even if the leap would otherwise have been enough for more than fourteen and a half meters.

The same must not be repeated in Tokyo or else the first Olympic finale of the career will remain a dream.

Salmisen the goal was to exceed 14.50 in the first three rounds. At the same time, he would have broken Heli Koivulan field record of 14 meters and 31 cents.

It would probably have broken if Salminen had continued the race, but now he was left without a result and ninth. Eight jumpers made it to the further rounds.

Israel Hanna Minenko jumped only more than 14 meters (14.28).

Three weeks ago, Salminen broke the Finnish record of 14.63 in the teams’ European Championship in Romani. At the beginning of June in Turku, the jumps carried 14.51 to the then SE result.

On Friday, Salminen competed for the first time in his career in the Diamond League competition in Monaco, where he finished sixth with a score of 14.34. It was not entirely satisfactory.

“There was no complete success in Monaco. I sliced ​​long slices from Joensuu, but the effort didn’t quite hit. However, the intention was not to jump more than three times, ”said 25-year-old Salminen.

Salminen’s coach Matti Mononen followed the race of his protector in the hot auditorium. He was not worried about Salminen’s condition.

“The third jump was one of the best of the summer. In the other, he was a little careful. Tokyo is not confirmed, but every jump is taken in full. You still have to invest in stepping. It doesn’t help to move the step sign, but to find a rhythm for the run, ”Mononen said.

On Monday, Mononen ran around the sports field in Imatra with a stick. He promised that in the summer if Salminen jumps the Finnish record.

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Finland’s second female jumper elected to Tokyo Kristiina Mäkelä did not compete in Joensuu.

In men’s pole vault Mikko Paavola bent its record by 571 cents. In the all-time statistics of Finland, he went a cent past Matti Mononen.

Later in the evening at Joensuu’s central field, it will be decided who is Finland’s third men’s javelin thrower in Tokyo. The place is settled Antti Ruuskanen and Oliver Helander in progress.

The Finnish Olympic Committee’s Top Sports Unit decides on the third representative after the Joensuu spear race. In the past, Tokyo has been selected Lassi Etelätalo and Toni Kuusela.

In winding sports Amanda Kotoja rewinded the world’s top time and Finland’s record with 100 meters in class 54. Kotoja’s time was 16.09 seconds.

Kotoja is preparing for the Tokyo Paralympics, where he is one of the winners of the trip.

Kotaja’s season began later than usual after gallbladder surgery, but it hasn’t slowed the pace.

“Then when I got on the track, I got off to a good pace. I am really pleased with the current situation, ”said Kotaja, who has won three world championships and four European championships in 100 meters.



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