Athletics The injured European decathlon champion was cut in Turku

Lasse Lempainen operated on the back injury of Thomas Van der Plaetsen from Belgium on Wednesday.

Tokyo an injured tithe in the Olympics Thomas Van der Plaetsen, 30, was cut at the Sports Bee in Turku on Wednesday, the medical center announced.

Belgian Van der Plaetsen, who won the European Championship in 2016, insulted his buttocks in another sport in the long jump.

An athlete taken out of the stadium in a wheelchair was examined in more detail in an Olympic village, where it was found that he had a hind leg injury that required surgery.

“The surgery went well and I am confident that Thomas will return to the top after rehabilitation,” Orthopedist Lasse Lempainen said in a statement.

Van der Plaetsen started the Olympic match by running 100 meters to their best time of the season on 11.05. He was injured in a long jump in his first performance.

Turku’s support troops contacted Turku through recommendations.

Lempainen has operated other top athletes this summer. Star players of the European Football Championship Ousmane Dembélé and Leonardo Spinazzola was cut in Turku during the Games.

The French Dembé was found to have a “total tendon rupture of the buttocks”, the Italian Spinazzola fell under the Lempainen knife due to a rupture of the Achilles tendon.



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