Athletics The HIFK influencer commented on the corona rule of the Finnish Championships in Athletics: “This is a blatant violation of equality”

The chairman of HIFK’s coaching committee sent an open letter to the Finnish Sports Confederation.

Athletics In the organization of the Finnish Championships, there is a flagrant violation of equality.

This is the opinion of HIFK Friidrott’s chairman of the coaching committee Anne Suoranta, which sent an open letter to the Finnish Sports Confederation (SUL) regarding the matter.

Directing said from his open letter on his Twitter account.

Suoranta posted an open letter on its Facebook wall after SUL was on Friday told me Strict special arrangements for the Finnish Championships.

Athletes, coaches, officers, and others arriving from areas where the coronary pandemic is spreading need a negative corona test result less than 48 hours old or a certificate of coronavirus disease.

“How has such an order gone through in SUL,” Suoranta asks.

Directing writes that he understands that the order is the regional government agency, but the Games are the SUL. He asks why not everyone who comes to the race is required to take the test.

The costs are also worth considering.

“Is it assumed that everyone can afford to pay the € 289 test themselves. It can be an all-month food allowance for a student athlete, ”Suoranta writes.

According to Suoranta, about 14 athletes from HIFK will participate in the Finnish Championships.

“That is, the cost of the athlete test is about 3,500 euros. Coaches on, we can already reach 5,000 euros for the tests, ”he calculates.

“Besides, it has been difficult to prepare for the Games in our area anyway, which means that equality is not achieved for that reason either.”

Suoranta writes that he thinks SUL should have canceled all the hall races.

Athletics The Finnish Championships are scheduled to be held in Jyväskylä on the 20th and 21st February.

About 300 people are expected to attend the competition, but at the same time the number of people in the hall will be limited to about 150 people.

There is a mask compulsion in the hall, which, however, does not apply to warm-up or competing athletes. The warm-up is also done outdoors first.


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