Athletics The decision for a new coach was a tough place for Nooralotta Nezir: “I was so afraid that I would lose consciousness”

Austrian Philipp Unfried is an experienced hurdles coach, in whose teachings Nooralotta Neziri wants to aim for an European Championship medal next summer. “I don’t want to be the guy who, ten years from now, wonders why his career was interrupted.”


Nooralotta Neziri three more weeks before the Tokyo Olympics, he believed he would still be able to compete in Japan.

He ran in the last Olympic rankings in Vaasa at the end of June in a valid time (13.11) in the 100-meter hurdles. It was the first race since a well-gone hall age.

In Vaasa, Neziri got a bad start but won Reetta Hurskeen, who ran in Tokyo in the early rounds. Because of the poor start, Neziri was confident that a few tenths of a second would easily fall out of time in Tokyo.

However, the lumbar strain that struck Tenerife in the spring lurked in the background. A week before the Olympics, Nezir had to run a casual preparatory fence workout until he clicked in his buttocks.

The Olympic dream crumbled due to a stress fracture. It also affected the thigh muscles.

After that, there was no choice but to say publicly that he could not compete in Tokyo in half condition.

“I was really depressed for a couple of weeks. I was so excited about the reign again that now is going to be a good year. I wouldn’t have thought that a stress fracture would hit a career at this point anymore, ”says 28-year-old Neziri.

In winter During the reign, Neziri ran a 60-meter real Finnish record (7.91) and placed fourth in the European Championships.

Next winter, Neziri may not be competing as much in the hall as this year.

Physiotherapist Jarmo Ahonen has accomplished a lot with the back pain of the pitman, and Neziri is able to practice. All you have to do is hurry slowly.

“I practically move away, even though my home is here in Jyväskylä.”

Nooralotta Neziri is able to train again, even though he had to miss the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo was left behind, and the athlete has to go ahead. Last Saturday, Neziri began a new chapter in his career when he moved to Vienna with an Austrian Philipp Unfriedin coaching.

Unfried is the Austrian national team’s hurdles coach, who also coaches two world-class athletes, the Jamaican women’s pitcher Megan Tapperia and the Austrian Sevens Ivona Dadicia.

Tapper authenticated in Tokyo in the 100-meter real bronze. Dadic, who has a Bosnian background, was eighth in the same race.

Unfried was introduced to Neziri six years ago at a training camp in Tenerife. The Austrian coached the Belarusian sprinter Alina Talayta and also inquired at the rehearsals about Nezir’s affiliations.

Unfried, 43, is considered a very listening and social coach. Just the kind Neziri needs right now.

“I’ve been left feeling good about him, even though I don’t really know him yet. I knew he had really good skills in real ones, ”Neziri said at home in Jyväskylä before leaving for Austria.

In Vienna Neziri spends much of his training season at the St. Poelten Sports Center. During the first six-week training period, Neziri lives with her cohabitant Ville-Matti Rantalan with private accommodation.

“I practically move away even though the home is here in Jyväskylä,” Neziri says.

After the first training period, which ends in mid-November, the training is scheduled to continue in Tenerife and then in January in South Africa. Sometimes, of course, we also visit Finland.

A prerequisite for all this is that the back can withstand a new kind of training, the details of which are still open.

Leaving Austria is a big investment financially. Nezir’s wife is a professional masseuse who had time to take time off from her second job before deciding to go to Austria.

“It makes it easier when someone is from home. Ville is a big support to me. I could have left alone too, because when I play sports, I do my best in front of it. Now I leave with the idea that I am almost 80 percent out of Finland, ”says Neziri.

Neziri praises his partners for their patience, even though the summer was ruined by the injury.

“It made it easier when Petteri said he was thinking of the same coach I had ended up with myself.”

Nooralotta at the Neziri Kaleva Games in Turku in summer 2020.

Neziri says he oversaw the nights as he pondered if the career might not continue. Big things have swirled in my mind: What if my back doesn’t last? Is the career left when there is still so much to give?

“However, careers are valued according to results and achievements. Doctors have said that with those of my injuries, you can play sports. I trust it, ”Neziri says.

“I think I’ll run for 12.60 and win the European Championship medal next summer. I don’t want to be the guy who, ten years from now, wonders why his career was interrupted. ”

Coach Neziri switches for the third time. He is in a situation now or never. The collaboration with Unfried begins on Nezir’s initiative.

Coaching relationship Jussi Ihamäki with ended in the summer of 2017 mental end to burning.

Neziri moved Petteri Jousteen coaching. The cooperation ended in agreement in September.

Neziri says he was “unconsciously excited” when he put a message to Jouste about the matter.

“I was so afraid that I would realize what he was answering. However, we are also friends.”

When Jouste responded, he said he understood the decision he was coaching: a coach can have many careers, an athlete only one.

“It made it easier when Petteri said he was thinking of the same coach I had ended up with myself. Petteri was really professional about the exchange, ”says Neziri.

In Austria, Nezir is expected to have some new language, which he will inevitably encounter in everyday life, even though Philipp Unfried speaks good English.

Unfridie Neziri has told about her injuries and sent videos of her runs.

“The coach knows my injury and that I am a well-built authentic. Quite long [173 cm], but not too long and strong. I leave with the mentality of looking for something new and learning, ”Neziri says.

The biggest the change is related to fence technology. It is not yet possible to say exactly what it means to change it.

In any case, it must be done on the terms of the body. The back must not be deceived with too much strain.

“Technology is the thing that is fixed.”

Easy technical repairs may not come. Everyone who has practiced technology knows that learning from the old is often more difficult than learning from the new.

“The whole end career goes by the condition of the back. The rest of the year is critical to how long it takes to workout, ”Neziri says.

Let’s get back yet to the Tokyo Olympics. In June, Neziri said he would feel really bad if he had to watch the Tokyo Games from his home couch, as it then did.

“But if I had been there, it would have been the biggest win of my life. I dug myself out of a big swamp, and then betrayed my leg after a back injury. Only time will help, ”Neziri says.

Nooralotta Neziri plays the whole back career of her back.


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