Athletics The British runner only had time to enjoy his Olympic selection – a report of falsifying a corona test could take its place

Andrew Butchart has now revealed in a podcast that has already been deleted how the corona test will be falsified so that return to the homeland is successful.

Britannian a Scottish runner nominated for the Olympic team Andrew Butchart had time to enjoy their race ticket to Tokyo just over half an hour before being subjected to research, British newspaper The Guardian and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC tell.

Butchart, 29, the sixth-best 5,000-meter runner-up at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, caused himself trouble by talking about falsifying a corona test result.

Butchart has now told in a podcast that has already been deleted how to proceed when returning from a race trip to avoid trouble with the police or other authorities.

“You need a corona test to get into the UK, so you go to the pcr test 48 hours earlier and haven’t gotten your results by check-in,” he described the problem.

According to Butchart, the problem was solved with the help of the old corona test and the editing of the time and date entries in the Instagram publication.

“Korona is a huge thing, of course, but it’s a little annoying. I’m sure everyone has forged their pcr tests when trying to go somewhere because it’s so hard, ”he said.

Britannian the athletics federation UK Athletics announced it would start investigating the case as soon as information about the podcast reached the organization.

“Throughout the pandemic, top sports have had the privilege of deviating from various guidelines so that athletes can continue to train and compete. We take it very seriously if an athlete has violated the crown guidelines instead of following the instructions, ”the organization said.

Butchart said in a statement forwarded by his representative that he had never falsified the result of the pcr test and that he had always followed the instructions of the destination country when traveling.

“The context was related to how difficult it has been for athletes to travel and compete during a pandemic. I apologize if I mispronounced and offended something, ”he said.

Butchart may even lose his place at the Olympics because of his comments. Head coach of the national athletics team Christian Malcolm told The Guardian that a decision on the fate of the runner would be made by July 7th.

Butchart has been running in London last July with a record time of 13.06.21 Olympic rankings Ranked 17th.



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