Athletics The bacteria ate the vertebrae – Patrik Sjöberg again in the hospital

The aftermath of sepsis was repaired with screws.

Swedish high jump legend Patrik Sjöberg has been in the hospital a lot this year. In March, Sjöberg was in the intensive care unit for several weeks due to pneumonia and sepsis.

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In May, the infection caused by the staphylococcal bacterium recurred and Sjöberg was hospitalized for severe back pain.

Now Sjöberg is again at the familiar Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg. The lumbar spine surgery performed on him is related to the spring illness.

Sjöberg talks about it on his Instagram page.

“During sepsis, the bacteria have time to eat their way into the vertebrae and destroy it completely. “

According to Sjöberg, the surgery was long and complicated.

“The surgeon proudly said it was a tough procedure, but he tightened the screws properly and it feels secure,” Sjöberg writes.

Sjöberg wanted to tell about his latest hospital episode to prevent unnecessary rumors from circulating.

“The last time I was here, a rumor spread that I was dead,” he writes.

In his writing Sjöberg says he has suffered from pains that make it difficult to rehabilitate. Now, however, he is focused on thinking about positive things and believes they will help.

“For a month, I’ve been thinking about the positive things that happen every day and my life has improved right away. I knew this measure was necessary and it is good that the screws tightened well. ”

The 56-year-old world champion, Olympic medalist and former world record holder believes his health problems began as a result of a car accident in January.

Sjöberg, who dodged the fox, drove to the railing. He did not go to the hospital at that time, but the severe pain did not begin until a few days after what had happened.

Four in addition to a broken rib, x-rays taken at the hospital revealed a fist-sized cluster of staphylococcal bacteria from his lungs.

“The fact that I was anesthetized for so long was because the bacterium was very strong. If staphylococcus had been closer to the heart, it could have been going, ”Sjöberg later said. Expressenille.

Since his career, Sjöberg has told about his stepfather and coach Viljo Nousiainen sexually exploited him. He has also spoken openly about his alcoholism.

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