Athletics Silja Kosonen, 18, is a hammer promise chasing age-season ME, for whom not all training rounds are enough: “I would have thrown on a chewing track where people walk”

In March, Silja Kosonen, 18, threw a Finnish record for a hammer throw in the middle of a snowfall. The world record for the age group is only 80 cents away, and practice throws cannot be thrown anywhere. “Kaarina came across borders. I would have thrown on a chewing track where people walk. ”

Sight the video is startling. A snowdrift, a snowfall and a hammer thrower that snatches a four-kilo hammer on a journey accompanied by spins – with enough power for the Finnish record and the European record of the age.

Raisio’s hammer promise Silja Kosonen, 18, was a successful first weekend in the home country in March. On the same weekend, when Kosonen threw his record at the Winter Championships in Kaustinen, Finland took three medals at the European Championships.

Kosonen’s result of 72.44 is the absolute elite of the age group in an international all-time comparison. The 19-year-old world record is Chinese Zhang Wenxiun in the name of 73.24. It is only 80 cents away.

The weather according to Kosonen, the effect on the winter result is not as dramatic as one might think.

“For years, I used to throw out, when it has not been inside the lie. Kaustisella previous few years I have been winter championships. Yes, it is quite familiar to Finns. Warming was made more difficult when, due to the corona, it was not allowed to be inside. I had to improvise while maintaining the heat, ”says Kosonen.

According to him, the most important thing in the snowfall is to keep the bag protected so that the goods involved cannot get wet. In addition, the ring gets wet in the snow, so the clerks have enough work to maintain and the competitor needs to be careful to get a grip on their shoes.

“You have to be able to leave calmly enough for the first spins. In the last throw of the race, I had to start the pace twice again when it was difficult to start. But snowfall is not the end of the world. You can throw in it, although of course a good weather is rockier. ”

“This is a dream place where you can just throw.”

Silja Kosonen’s training site is right next to the Perno shipyard. Coach Jani Pihkanen followed the exercises.­

Kosonen already last year won the Finnish championship at the Kaleva Games. He says that training towards the next season has gone well and, above all, healthy.

According to Kosonen, the progress in the punt results has been good, and records have also been set, for example, in the practice of throwing a ball. Kosonen mentions leaps as areas for development.

Kosonen conducts throwing drills near the old wastewater treatment plant in Raisio. There used to be sand piles and concrete piglets on the site, but a ring was built there for conditions where there is plenty of space around.

“Kaarina came across borders. I would have thrown on a chewing track where people walk. Frisbee golfers are running on the upper practice field of Paavo Nurmi Stadium in Turku. This is a dream place where you can just throw, ”says Kosonen.

Especially outside the competition season, Kosonen uses a variety of weightlifters in the exercises. Sometimes a five-kilo hammer weighing more than a kilogram of women’s racing hammer can be used. Space is especially needed when Kosonen throws a lighter three-kilo hammer. Then the throws curve almost 80 meters from the throwing point.

The lighter hammer aims to get speed. Kosonen estimates that the development of technology at this stage of his career is already working on quite small details, but he would need more speed.

“The speed is already pretty good, but if you compare though Krista Tervoon, he has a really high speed. There is still room for improvement. You should restrain it at the beginning: I start to pull too much on my shoulder. ”

“It’s been a short time in the ring, but many things can go wrong or well.”

Silja Kosonen warmed up for throwing exercises.­

Kosonen has gotten to feel the ME result of young people with a diverse sports background. He started in athletics at a little under school age. Skiing was even the main sport at Kosose in primary school, and football and ringette were also included.

At the high school age, hammer throwing gradually began to be selected as the main sport. Kosonen has competed occasionally in discus and shot put, but the exercises have not focused on them.

In hammer throwing, Kosos is fascinated by the challenge.

“There’s been a short time in the ring, but a lot of things can go wrong or well. You should always get the initial spins, four spins and the final bet to succeed. You can challenge yourself very often. ”

Kosonen says that his own talent began to take shape properly in the summer of 2019. That’s when he won the hammer throw at the Youth Olympic Festival in Baku.

“There were young people from many different countries. He realized it was, so to speak, tough at that age. It was also the first year I threw more than 70 meters with a three-pound hammer. ”

“You can always go up and down.”

Silja Kosonen and coach Jani Pihkanen.­

To the future Kosonen is preparing for the term after graduating from high school. Kosonen completed his student writing in the spring after his record throw.

“Maybe it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I was so excited about Kaustinen’s races that thoughts slipped into them and I didn’t read as well as I should have. But I can get through, and you can always go up and down. ”

As for her studies, Kosonen applied to the University of Turku this spring to read languages. Kosonen does not think that an intermediate year of studies is a bad option either. In any case, Kosonen would like to study in Turku, because in terms of sports, Raisio has the pieces in place.

Whether or not the university doors opened in the fall, it’s time for an important outdoor season. Its Kosonen will start in Kankaanpää, where the first race of the Tour de Hammer series will compete on 15 May.

The tour is a series of competitions organized by the Finnish Hammer Throwers’ Association, which is a sign of the community’s community. Kosonen praises that there are enthusiastic people in the genre who are ready to organize competitions.

“National team camps, I have noticed that there is no marketing, and other secrets. The coaches have been really open to advising others as well. It has been great to see how open they have been. ”

Coming Kosonen says that the goal for the season is to get to the Tokyo Olympics. In the case of the World Cup for young people, the holding of the Games is still open due to the coronavirus. Kaustinen’s record throw was six cents away from the limit of 72.50.

“Getting to Tokyo is quite a realistic goal. And in all the races I would like to succeed. The young world record is already so close that it would be great to throw too. ”

That’s how it goes.­

Hammer thrower Silja Kosonen

18 years old, born in 2002.

Lives in Raisio, represents Somero Esa.

In March, Kaustinen threw an SE result of 72.44.

Finnish champion 2020 and winner of the Youth Olympic Festival 2019.

Selected at the Sports Gala in 2021 as a young athlete of the year.

Personal coach Jani Pihkanen, physical coach Olli Koskinen.

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