Athletics Runner Sara Kuivisto numbed Finns with her numerous SE results: “It feels like even a little ashamed”

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Medium distance runner Sara Kuivisto has numbed the athletics audience with its Finnish records.

Last year, he recorded eight record results in the statistics, and in the beginning of the reign, there have been a total of four of them at 800 meters, 1,500 meters and miles.

Beating the long-chased 800-meter Finnish record and two minutes below the Tokyo Olympics made Kuivisto’s eyes sparkle, but now the feelings are mixed up, as the Finnish records have fallen at every start of the hall competitions.

“It feels like a little ashamed. I feel that somehow I have even shattered the whole concept of SE, ”Kuivisto describes his mood.

“Even people can’t really congratulate anymore. Everyone’s just that aha, again.”

In the process the situation, of course, is also stingy, as it underscores the development he has built over a dozen years with his coach Ari Suhonen with.

“I am in a situation where my own record is always also a Finnish record,” Kuivisto continues in an interview on International Women’s Day.

Suhonen confirms this.

“In the current situation, Sara’s records sound kind of better than they are. She is only improving her records, but they also happen to be Finnish records,” Suhonen explains.

The duo can now enjoy effective co-operation, mutual trust and earnings news in every corner of Finland.

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Drywall the starting shot of his international running career was the victory at the 2018 Kaleva Games in Jyväskylä, with which he determined the result limit of the 2018 European Championships in Berlin.

“This is where my value tubes start,” Kuivisto declared.

It has come true. Kuivisto has experienced a series of value races in Berlin, the 2019 World Championships in Doha and the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

He struggled hard for the final places in Tokyo. Now they are real goals at the Belgrade World Championships on 18-20. March and at the Eugene World Championships in July.

With the current development curve, the next step is to register for the medal competition at the European Championships in Munich in August.

“It is possible that Sara will fight for the European Championship medals in the summer and the final place in the World Championships will now be a realistic goal,” Suhonen assesses the current situation.

Last summer, Sara Kuivisto made as many as four Finnish records at the Tokyo Olympics.

Drought ran the Finnish record of 1,500 meters of indoor tracks at 4.06.14 in late February in Torun, Poland.

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He is ranked 14th in world statistics and second in European statistics.

The result confirms the development of Kuivisto, especially on the main distance of 1,500 meters during the hall season, and especially because the hall tracks of 200 meters are difficult for his exceptionally long running step.

The hall competitions are the most demanding competitions for him.

“Competing on short tracks is challenging for my type of runner also because I’m not such that I could swing at the top all the time,” Kuivisto explains.

“I like it leave a little leisurely and come to an end hard. In the hall, however, it’s hard because it’s so damn hard to pass on short straights. ”

Success requires both vigilance and quick reactions.

“If you are going to go straight on, the decision has to be made in the previous curve, because the straight ones are so short,” Kuivisto continues.

“On the hallways, there is half the time for solutions on the track with less than 400 seas. That’s why they have to leave the spine. ”

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Drought developed rapidly last summer at 1,500 meters to the same level as he is at 800 meters. The racing routine is still not as solid as on a shorter trip.

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“I may not have the same certainty for a tonne-tonne as a pile because I have had more tough 800-meter races during my career,” Kuivisto admits.

On the other hand, he is an exceptionally strong runner-up, which he confirmed in his four Finnish record runs at the Olympics.

“It’s terribly nice to go to the value races, because the pace is usually better for me than in some hare races. I’m strongest in the typical value races, where the start is a bit calmer,” Kuivisto emphasizes.

“Now, of course, I’m in such a condition that even a harder starting pace is right.”

Tokyo full-fledged runs also boost Kuivisto’s self-confidence, thanks to the fact that the duo feel they have mastered the timing of the season.

There are good steps to finish the exercises, but more important is the mutual trust of the duo. Kuivisto believes in Suhonen’s training program and the coach in his rival qualities.

“There is probably no one hundred percent right way to do things in sports. It is more important to believe one hundred percent in what is being done,” Kuivisto recalls of old wisdom.

At this point, Kuivisto and Suhonen are strong.

“We believe like crazy,” Kuivisto laughs.

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