Athletics Rain watered Ella Junnila’s height race: “The jump mattress was a swimming pool”

European Academy Hall bronze medalist Kristian Pulli was disappointed with her result in the long jump competition: “Evenly thick”


Ella Junnila came to Paavo Nurmi Games’ high jump competition with high expectations, but was disappointed.

Junnila knows he is in record condition, but the rain that whipped Turku ruined the race.

“The jump mattress was like a pool. The same if I had jumped there in a bikini, ”Junnila said.

He tried three times from a height of 193 cents, but they were not technically good.

“There was nothing wrong with the technique per se, but the spike spike didn’t hold in the effort. Speed ​​is my thing. ”

Junnila was unable to take advantage of his speed on the Mondo track, which was irrigated by rain. The subconscious also lurked at the risk of injury.

“It’s a big risk when it’s cold. Not that the shoe slips. ”

One week ago, Junnila exceeded 190 cents in his opening race in Jyväskylä. In Turku the result was 188 and Fifth place. Junnila missed a height of 191.

“As a single race, this was disappointing and I am disappointed with the weather. Otherwise, we should not draw too many conclusions. ”

Junnila has already been selected for the Tokyo Summer Olympics, where he is aiming for a final spot.

Kristian Bulls jumped in Turku in the fifth long jump race of the season. Jämsäläinen first stretched 782 cents.

He led the race for a long time until the Ukrainian Vladyslav Mazur came with his last two jumps from behind: 785 and 790.

“Evenly thick. The places got a little cool. The jump went through, ”Pulli said.

In the winter, Pulli finished third in the European Indoor Championships with a good result of 824. A year ago, he jumped SE 827.

Kristian Bäck showed an uptrend and stretched to a final 774 cents and was fourth.

“A good opening for the season. There were really awkward conditions. I am confident that eight meters will break this season. The speed has gone in that direction, ”said Bäck, who had a lot of injuries during the winter season.

SE hammer in women’s sledge Silja Kosonen reached a tough international club and was ranked fifth (69.50) as the best Finn. Kosonen’s SE is 72.44.

Krista Tervo threw more than 70 meters twice last week in Jyväskylä, but did not get the same readings in Turku. He lost five cents to Kosose.

Poland’s Malwina Kopron threw his best of the season at 75.40.

Men’s sledgehammer in Poland Wojciech Nowicki broke the only 80 yards, 80.77. Suffering from technical problems Aaron Kangas threw 73.36. Last year, Kangas threw his record of 79.05, putting him fifth on the world rankings.

The women’s pole vault was awaited with interest Wilma Murron jumps. However, he was left without a result and lost important Olympic year ranking points.

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