Athletics Pole jumper Mikko Paavola exceeded his record of 570, the pace used for the first time in the race worked

Paavola improved his record by six cents.

3.7. 20:00

Alajärvi Anchors Mikko Paavola improved his record by six cents and surpassed the 570-high bar at the Somero Sequay Carnival. The profit result was exceeded by the first company and raised Paavola to the seventh place in the all-time statistics of Finland.

“It has been expected, and now it has hit a great place,” Paavola said of the 570 crossing in the Sports Federation’s press release.

Paavola changed his pace in Somero, and it seemed to work, even though the start of the race was sluggish. Paavola exceeded 540 with Somero and 555 with a third attempt.

“I was now competing at 18 paces for the first time, Paavola said and exposed,” that he was competing for the first time with a bigger stick than before.

“I have put that rod in the pit twice after trying it at the Vaasa field. But this was the first good jump with it, ”Paavola said.

Paavola raised the bar to another 580, but consumed by the drops at the beginning of the race and the heat, the forces were no longer enough for decent companies.

Paavola coaching Mikael Westön it has already been possible to raise the record to 570.

“Paavola’s jumping looked good already during the reign, but then there was a footwork and he was only able to jump three races,” Westö said.

In Somero, the women’s competition was won by Esbo IF Saga Andersson, which exceeded 420.



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