Athletics Norwegian Karsten Warholm ran a soaring world record in the 400-meter fencing, Oslo audience went crazy

Nearly 30-year-old Kevin Young’s ME went to pieces.

Norwegian Karsten Warholm got the Norwegian audience in complete ecstasy with their new world record in the 400-meter fences in the Oslo Diamond League competition.

Warholm took a relentless hard lap and ran 46.70 and threw history Kevin Youngin as much as 29 years old record. Young ran the former ME’s 46.78 at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Warholm toured the seventh track and was able to keep his run piled up and maintain his pace admirably.

Oslo In the Diamond League Athletics Evening, there was also a lot of pressure on the men’s miles and the women’s 800 meters.

In the women’s two rounds, the first five ran in less than two minutes. At the mile, four runners broke 3.50 minutes.

USA Kate Grace won with a time of 1.57.60 and pulled four runners to peak times. Grace didn’t get her run to pass the U.S. Olympic qualifiers in Eugene yet, but now she did.

Australian Stewart McSweyn took the reins for a mile over the lap before the end and lasted very well until the end. He stopped the clocks at 3.48.37.

34 years old in Poland Marcin Lewandowski ran second with a time of 3.49.11.

Miles don’t run at nearly every international athletics night, but what was special was that Lewandowski now broke his own record almost as a veteran. So did, of course, winner McSweyn.

Men at the end of Sweden Armand Duplantis took his own. He jumped first to 601. The result was enough to win and Duplantis attacked ME height with both hands. He raised the bar to 619 cents, but the company was no longer close.

Duplantis jumped 618 cents in the hall in Glasgow in February last year. Today, an ME result is accepted done indoors or outdoors.

Tokyo there are only a few weeks to go before the Summer Olympics and two seemingly confident winners will come from the Nordic countries.

Warholm is like marking 400-meter fences for himself, and at least as firmly, Duplantis has hit his mark on the pole position.



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