Athletics Kristian Bull’s season ended with a jump, the third time over 8 meters

In Switzerland, Joonas Rinne was one step below 3.40 at 1,500 meters. Annimari Korte will be at the Diamond League competition in Rome on Thursday.

Long jumper Kristian Pulli is in good autumn mood.

Late on Tuesday, Jämsäläinen won the long jump competition in Belllinzona, Switzerland, with a result of eight meters and eight cents.

The winning jump came with the last jump in the ascending series. On the fifth, he made an effort three and a half, technique saksauksen 798 cents.

In the early summer, Pulli jumped to the Finnish record of 827. The third eight-meter crossing of the season came in the Diamond League competition in Stockholm, 802. Pull’s competition season ended in the Swiss competition.

“It was a good culmination of the race, which started a bit slowly from everyone. Little by little I started to warm up and the audience got along well. I got the run to run better and I dared to move the step sign back so that the run came to a good end, ”Pulli said in a press release from the Finnish Sports Confederation.

Bulls was third before the last round, but Swiss Simon Ehammer came over after an effort of 798. It brought more power to Bull’s last jump.

“I got a good jump for that last lap, and then the tough guys of the race didn’t come over anymore,” Pulli said.

Pulli referred to the South African World Cup medalist Ruswahl Saamaihin, who was second (804) to the reigning world champion, Jamaica Tajay Gayle was third (799).

“It’s an amazing season. After the problems of midsummer, I went back to the top, ”Pulli said.

Prior to the Kaleva Games held in mid-August, Pulli took a break from the thighs.

Jonah Slope was only a step away from being three minutes and 40 seconds behind in Belllinzona. Saarijärveläinen ran a record of 3.40.38.

The slope was 12th in the race. The race was won by Ethiopia Girma Lamecha in time 3.35.67.

The slope kept running through the distance with the tail of the hose.

“The tip went briskly. I was surprised that my own pace was good even though I was on the tail of the hose. It felt good in the warm-up, but in the run to 800 meters it came easily, but after that it felt like not enough power was found in the body, the step started to clot, ”Rinne said.

Like Bull, the race was the end of the Slope season.

“It’s annoying when the under-3.40 was a step away, but it’s been moving forward all the time. Let’s take that step next year. ”

Lotta Harala ran 100 meters in the real third with a time of 13.19. The Dutch leader in world statistics won Nadine Visser at 12.79.

For Harala, the competition was the last of the season. Over the summer, he dropped his record to 13.07, which he ran twice. He was fourth in the Turku Kaleva Games and second in the Tampere Sweden match.

International the competition season is still going on for some Finns. Affected by thigh cramps Annimari Korte runs on Thursday in the 100-meter fences of the Roman Diamond League.

Korte runs at 20.38 Finnish time.


Bhavi Mandalia

Bhavi Mandalia

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