Athletics | Krista Tervo with a top throw to the Moukari World Cup final: “Now you can be completely at peace”

Tervo’s result of 73.83 is the third best of all time in his career.

Eugene, Oregon

Krista Tervo there was a smile on my face late on Friday Finnish time.

With a top throw, she secured her entry to the women’s shot put final at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene.

Tervo threw 73 meters and 83 centimeters with his second qualifying throw, which is his third best result of all time.

In March, he threw a Finnish record of 74.40 in Portugal. In June, at the Paavo Nurmi Games in Turku, he scored 74.34.

The women’s moukari final will take place on Sunday evening at 21:35 Finnish time. It’s Sunday morning in Eugene then.

“Now you can be at peace. The break comes at a good time and that’s it. Yesterday [torstaina] I threw six training throws. They were really good and sharp in their thirties. From them, I got a little bit of wood to qualify,” said Tervo.

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Tervo has competed more this season than before. Eugene’s qualifying was already his eleventh race of the season. The number of races has increased the routine.

“I used to take longer race breaks, but I’ve liked the slightly tighter competition rhythm. The feeling of competition and throwing remains,” Tervo said and went to call his coach Jukka Vihtonen in Finland.

“We’ll see what they say there. This is a joint success.”

Tervo has a diverse range of species behind it. He has said that shot put was chosen as a sport by accident, when Karhulan Urheilijat needed a shot putter for a club match. Tervo promised to come along.

The sport collapsed in one fell swoop. Endurance running remained, as did skiing and wrestling. He has also swum, boxed and played football.

“There is a big range of species at the back. Running brought me basic endurance and I can train,” says Tervo.

Suvi Koskinen and Silja Kosonen throw in Friday’s second qualifying group, which starts at 23:30 Finnish time.

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