Athletics Jami Kinnunen threw a spear over 80 meters and was the first in the world to cross the border in the third generation

Jami Kinnunen became the world’s first third-generation 80-meter spear thrower on Wednesday.

Äänekoski Athletes Jami Kinnusesta became Finland ‘s newest javelin thrower over 80 meters on Wednesday. He snatched his record of 81.06 in Äänekoski’s national competitions.

Jami Kinnunen is the world’s first third-generation 80-meter spear thrower. Father Kimmo Kinnunen won the world championship in 1991, and his grandfather Jorma Kinnunen set a world record in 1969.

For sure exceeded 80 meters immediately in the first round of the race. At the same time, the multi-year driving hunt ended, as Kinnunen first threw over 78 meters already five years ago in the youth series.

When the goal was met, he left all five other companies unused on Wednesday.

Kinnunen, 26, has competed ten times this summer, where he has Four times crossed 79 meters.



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