Athletics “I would have been shaking things overnight” – Antti Ruuskanen would not have been at all sure about his Olympic trip, even if he had won the inspection competition

Of the athletes leaving for Tokyo, Topi Raitanen succeeded best in his Olympic general in Joensuu.

Oliver Helander and Antti Ruuskanen attended a modest mutual inspection competition on Wednesday from the third Olympic venue of the javelin throwers.

Helander secured the place of representation only with his last throw, which carried 78 yards and 95 cents. Ruuskanen measured only one successful throw: 77.49.

The season for both throwers has been difficult. Helander has had foot problems. After the race in Joensuu, he assured that the places will withstand competition in Tokyo.

“Health is ok. More here have been problems with technology. There was something small on the leg, but it has been better than it has been for a long time, ”Helander said.

Ruuskanen has been healthy, but the throws lack power and sharpness. In Joensuu, throws remained very low.

Even if Ruuskanen had won the inspection, he would have carefully considered his Olympic trip.

“Overnight I would have been crunching things. For an athlete who has ever done in a championship, the goal is to continue to do. Now the technology doesn’t work at the end of the throw. I can’t get the kind of arches I could, and that’s when it’s pretty hard to go on a trip, ”Ruuskanen said.

Despite his loss, Ruuskanen will continue until the end of his last term.

“There are Kaleva races and national matches. The season is thrown one hundred percent through. Now it was great to feel that excitement. ”

Finland The Olympic Committee’s Top Sports Unit confirmed Helander’s choice after the Joensuu race. Ruuskanen was named the reserve thrower to stay at home.

Head of Unit Mika Lehtimäki praised that from the point of view of the system it is good that there are species in Finland where there are more eligible candidates than places to be allocated.

At the same time, he thanked Ruuska for his long racing career.

“All the credit and thanks to Antti, he has had a tremendous career, been eight of the top six in the championships, won Olympic silver and the European Championship. After the difficulties, Antti has returned to the international level, been a role model and a great person on the Finnish team and left a lasting mark on Finnish sports history, ”Lehtimäki said in a press release.

The final size of the Finnish team in Tokyo is 46 athletes in 11 sports.

Several The athletes selected for Tokyo finished their fitness in Joensuu. Not everyone had the Olympic general go according to plan.

Triple jumper Senni Salminen tried to score in the first three jumps. For he simulates a Tokyo jump.

Salminen’s jumps were long, but he stepped all three after jumping over.

Coach Matti Mononen however, it was an experiment that now had to be done.

Annimari Korte won his first round in the 100-meter fencing but did not run the finals. He didn’t want to strain his annoying buttocks too much.

“My initial warm-up for the opening round was better than ever. I got so well out of it. Between runs, your hind legs got solidified and it was hard to go over the fences. That’s why I decided not to take the risk and missed the final, ”Korte said.

Departing to Tokyo Reetta Hurske won the fence final with a time of 13.17, but he also didn’t want to tear too much.

The third quick fence chosen for the Olympics Nooralotta Neziri previously tore his hind legs and ended his season.

Topi Raitanen won 3,000 meters with a long finish and ran her record.

The best the Olympic general was presented by an obstacle course Topi Raitanen, which ran a record with a smooth time of 3,000 meters at 7.49.00. It is the eighth best in Finland’s all-time statistics.

In Tokyo, Raitanen will be among the first to compete when the opening rounds of the 3,000-meter hurdles run as the first sport in athletics on July 30 at 9 a.m. Japanese time. The time difference to Finland is six hours.

Raitanen believed that the final place in Tokyo is realism.

The race in Joensuu was important for Raitanen when the previous two races had ended in an interruption and a crash. He ran them in the middle of a mountain camp, where he utilized the alpine hut of the Sports Center Pajulahti.

The experiment failed.

“We took a risk and went to Pajulahti. It didn’t work, came back and now exercises are done according to the mood going up all the time. This was an important milestone, ”said Raitanen.



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