Athletics Former racing swimmer and anorexic Nina Chydenius ran ten Finnish champions

HKV’s harp runner talent Anni Siirtola was taken off the Ratina track on a stretcher.


Nina Chydenius fourteen years ago, he could not have believed that he would one day run the 10,000m Finnish champion.

The former racing swimmer suffered from a severe eating disorder and was an anorexic. Anorexia turned into bulimia and the path of suffering lasted for ten years before Chydenius recovered.

Now she is a 31-year-old mother of two and aims for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and next summer’s European Championships in Munich.

“The Olympics is my big dream, I don’t know how far I can go,” Kokkola said excitedly on Friday night at Ratina Stadium in Tampere.

Chydenius led the ten-ton race almost the entire way. The final time of 33 minutes, 45 seconds and 79 hundredths is his record.

At the end of June, he ran 34.16.28 in Stockholm, so the record improvement was fair.

“This has been my second dream to get this medal. I have run for ten years in front of this. I got to show that I am better than the old results seem. Really grateful I was able to be healthy here, ”Chydenius said.

How good a swimmer would you have become?

“Not so good. I haven’t regretted changing the species, ”said Chydenius, whose species were the 100 and 200 meter butterfly.

Lahti resident Ilona Mononen won the women’s 1,500 meters when the trip was an absolute favorite Sara Kuivisto was not at the starting line. Kuivisto ran on Thursday in the Diamond League in Lausanne and will compete in the Kaleva Games in just 800 meters.

Mononen’s winning time was 4.25.35. Kuivisto ran SE 4.02.35 at the Tokyo Olympics.

Saarijärvi ran the men’s European mile champion Joonas Rinne. He took the championship at 1,500 meters for the fifth time in a row. Slope winning time 3.50.05.

Only he has been able to do the same Olavi “Tankki” Salonen between 1959 and 1963. In three of his five gold medals, Salonen’s winning time was less than 3.50, albeit taken by hand.

Eemil Helander and Ossi Kekki took part in a tight church race in the final 5,000 meters.

Eemil Helander as expected won his first adult championship at 5,000 meters. Petäjävetinen ran or to win. Therefore, the payout time of 14.53.96 was almost a minute slower than his record (13.55,80).

Ossi Kekki haunted Helander, one of the youngest winners of all time, to the end.

“Tight race. The beginning was rather slow. I tried to leave bangs for Sunday’s hurdles, ”Helander said.

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Anni Siirtola was left lying on the surface of Ratina’s track.

Fence runner Anni Siirtolan The Kaleva Games, on the other hand, ended in a sad way.

The runner-up of the Helsinki Kisa-Veikko collided with the fifth fence in the third preliminary round of the 100-meter fences. The colony, 22, lay on the surface of the track for a long time under examination by medical personnel.

He was taken off the field on a stretcher. The colony collapsed on its back to the track after the collision.

The colony was one of the medal favorites of the trip. He has run a record 13.24 this year.

The talented Siirtola has had a rare amount of misfortune. Last winter, in his first adult championships in the European Championships, he took a cheating start and was rejected.

Colonel’s coach father Timo Siirtola said the authenticator knocked his head a little, but was not seriously injured, and did not suffer any muscle injuries.

She will not be participating in the Women’s Quick Fencing Friday Late Night Finals. Reetta Hurske became overwhelmingly champion with a time of 13.12. Last time, he was number one for two years.

“At this stadium, this championship will hardly ever be taken again,” said 26-year-old Hurske, who competed on his home track.

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