Athletics “Finnish-style talent” – Saga Vanninen is a great promise of seven matches, whose age result wins in comparison with the Swedish legend

Tiia Hautala says Vanninen has good conditions for her career. However, strengths need to be honed with moderation so that hard power output does not cause injury.

19.8. 20:06

Under 20-year-old World Cup gold in seven games won Saga Vanninen has great talent not only domestically but also internationally. This is how the seventh-match is ranked second in domestic statistics Tiia Hautala.

Hautala’s best series is 6,369 was born at the Seville World Championships in 1999, four years before Vanninen’s birth. Vanninen, 18, has already risen to fourth in the statistic. In addition to Hautala, those in front of him are no more Satu Ruotsalainen With a Finnish record of 6,404 and Maria Huntington with its record series of 6,339 in 2019.

Vanninen’s best series 6,271 was born earlier in the summer when he won European Championship gold in Tallinn. In Nairobi, Kenya, the World Championship gold came off with a series that brought in 5,997 points.

“It is an absolute fact that Saga is a superior talent in Finnish. Nevertheless, things need to be done in peace. Hone your strengths and wholeness with moderation, ”says Hautala.

Vanninen is a wrestler representing Tampereen Pyrintö. Hautala, 49, works at the Varala Sports College in Tampere and coaches at the Tampere Sports Academy and the Manse PP women’s Superpesis team, among others.

Hautala has talked about Vanninen’s talent for this coach Matti Liimatainen with. The characteristics of the match promise are well known to Hautala, who was fifth in the Seville World Cup.

Hautala reminds that Liimatainen has said that Vanninen does not train like professionals yet. There is room for tightening in the future.

“But the body needs to be strengthened because Saga has a hard power output. There are also risks involved. The harder you get out of yourself, the more there are risks of ailments. You have to remember to go in moderation, ”says Hautala.

Tiia Hautala says that Saga Vanninen is a superior talent in the Finnish match. Hautala is Finland’s second-ever statistic.

Just In terms of power output lies Vanninen’s strength, which Liimatain has often talked about. Hautala also points out that as a long-time athlete, Vanninen gets a dense step frequency in hurdles. Hautala also praises Liimatainen’s work in the technical development of field species.

“To my understanding, Mati has also been helped by species specialists looking at techniques. They have been standardized. Saga had such an impossible power generation rate that he might have had trouble getting the technology under control and he was singing where it happened. Height and spear have entered the technical side of development. He has always been able to push to listen. 15 meters is a pretty tough result for a woman of that age. ”

Vanninen said after his championship that he would end the season and next take care of his hind leg injury. His buttocks bothered the jumper at the World Championships in Nairobi, but Vanninen was a strong enough favorite, so it didn’t threaten the championship.

Towards when it comes to adult series, Vanninen is well on his way. For example, Sweden, which holds the European record in its name Carolina Klüft did not reach exactly the same results at the age of 18, even though it exceeded 6,000 points. After that, Klüft improved his record by two points for two consecutive seasons and set a record series of 7,032 points in 2003 at the 20th World Championships in Paris. During his career, Klüft won three World Championship golds and Olympic gold.

Hautala reminds that the development is individual and the jumps may come at different athletes at different times. It is also possible to even out the results.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, and divination is a bit pointless. The conditions are there, but I’m not going to bet. ”



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