Athletics Fence runner Lotta Harala may be banned again – a decision next week

The decision of Suek’s Disciplinary Board is expected to be completed next week. If the Disciplinary Board decides that Lotta Harala has violated the operating ban, she may be re-suspended for three months.

Finland the Ethics Center for Sport (Suek) is currently re-examining Lotta Haralan stimulus case. Suek suspects Harala of violating his temporary ban.

During the Prohibition, the Athlete may not in any capacity participate in any competition, practice or activity organized by the federation – in this case the Finnish Sports Confederation – or the club. Self-employed training is not prohibited.

The matter has been referred to the Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Board, to which Harala will give its opinion. The board’s decision should be completed next week.

“If the Disciplinary Board decides that Harala has violated the operating ban, it is considered that he has not suffered it at all. However, the non-compete obligation cannot be extended from three months, ”said Suek’s General Counsel Petteri Lindblom says.

In this case, Harala could therefore be banned from competition well into the summer.

Lindholm does not want to specify what the infringement would be, but it does not concern competition.

Haralan the three-month temporary ban on competition is based on sanctions for other substances (Rules 7.4.1 and 7.4.2).

The Finnish Anti-Doping Code stipulates that persons who have been notified of a positive A Sample may not disclose it to outsiders.

President of the Finnish Sports Confederation Harri Aalto told his union board and chairman To Sami Itani only after Harala had served his sentence.

According to Aalto, the case falls entirely within Suek’s competence, as the athlete himself put himself on an operating ban.

“It’s a matter between Suek and the athlete. I just learned that the athlete has been banned. I couldn’t tell others about it. I hope all parties learn from this case and know how to look in the rearview mirror. The distance between me and Itan is very good. We value each other very much. I understand too Matin [Liimatainen] indignation, ”says Aalto.

Haralan according to the stimulant had ended up in his body through a creatine preparation. He suspected the substance had entered his body from a jar of supplements. Because the familiar creatine product was out of stock, Harala had ordered a different creatine product than normal.

The use of supplements is not without problems. It is not uncommon to find something other than what should be in a jar.

For example, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Usada warns on its websitethat there is a risk in using supplements.

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