Athletics Duplantis crossed six meters in the rain, describing the performance as one of his most difficult

The crossing was the Swede’s first six-meter jump in the rain.

Pole vault in Swedish Armand Duplantis once again crossed the bar at a height of six meters when the International Athletics Championships were competed in Karlstad.

Quite as usual, however, the usual victory (the others stayed half a meter) did not come: the 21-year-old wand miracle reached six meters for the first time in the rain.

“I’m impressed and pretty proud of this. This is one of my hardest [kuuden metrin ylityksistä]. That how high would have gone in perfect conditions? Well somewhere really high, over six meters, ”Duplantis said.

The Tokyo Olympics have a little over a month. Duplantis is a favorite at the Olympics.

“I want to win, and I have lunch for that,” he estimates.



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