At the end of the week Boys are seen as a nuisance and a nuisance and yet when they come true, they are ready for the most horrible tasks – what should my mother think now, what to say?

Suddenly, the daughters wondered if the dog could be taken on an escape trip, while the boys were thinking about leaving for the front, writes journalist Anna-Stina Nykänen in her column.

12.3. 15:00

Thence since Russia invaded Ukraine, instructions have been given on how to tell children about the war. But nowhere is it told how to tell the mothers about the war. For those of us whose sons have just grown up and ready to be the first to leave the front.

The pain really struck when it was said directly that the security policy situation in Finland has also changed. How do we cope with this too, son and me?

On the spring street I looked at the men with that eye: who are still at that age going to war, who are allowed to stay here to walk their poodles.

Should my forty half-son already stay home with his family?

I thought bitterly how boys are always seen as a problem, a nuisance, a disorder at school as well. They play war, they play war games – how much of a waste of time has been frowned upon. Young men have always been concerned. But when the truth comes, they are ready for a terrible task.

Every boy has thought about war. Girls are not forced to think about it.

Every boy has considered war, even if he has chosen civilian service. Girls are not forced to think about it.

For the first time, I was even angry with my late husband. Why the boys ’father went to death and isn’t here when needed. A father who was always awake and well informed in these matters. A father who had been interviewed as the first Western journalist Putin!

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I felt I couldn’t survive this alone.

And fortunately not necessary.

Among The week for small talk has changed. Now when we come across we always talk about war, Ukraine, Putin, refugees, joining NATO …

It has become clear that war is infinitely gendered. It has flared in the face at once.

In Ukraine, men stay in the country, women and children leave. It does not ask for identities.

In Finland, the daughters of their mother’s friends are worried about taking the dog on an escape trip. Meanwhile, the boys were considering leaving for the front.

Once the masks are lowered and the face of the war is visible, the boys ’position is clear.

Once the masks are lowered and the face of the war is visible, the boys ’position is clear.

Some mothers are relieved when their own son is in the custody and may not be on the front line. Another mother sighs that as an armored soldier, the son is guaranteed to be there, in the vanguard.

When Korona relaxed and got to work, there have been a lot of men around again. Has been able to talk to those whose bedside has always had books on political history.

For the first time, I hear what my co-workers are of military value and what their location would be. I’ve known some for decades, and this has never come up. Talking about India has been politically incorrect.

The task of a wartime is a wild card in the sleeve, it opens up new perspectives on man.

Of course, there are cowards and layoffs in the coworkers as well. In a familiar group, it is easy for them to be involved in the conversations, in the same ring. Encountering old relatives has been perceived as more difficult. When this topic is nowhere to be avoided.

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However, war affects everyone. Everyone must be allowed to take part in the debate on their own.

Fear feeds anger, resentment, rage, bitterness.

Following the news in Ukraine produces anxiety but also a momentary joy of victory. Even the smallest fact can arouse great feelings if it falls on what is important in your own life, work, situation.

What excites me? That may not be a surprise. I am gaining strength from the idea that Russia’s despised liberal, tolerant West is putting the human rights on a homophobic Russia that is trampling on human rights.

In my narrative, Russia expected an easy victory because it imagined that the West is a sluggish, immoral, degenerate, weak, mixed congregation of individuals seeking self-indulgence who cannot join forces.

The burning will to fight was aroused in me by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill, who declaredthat the war between Russia and Ukraine is fighting over whether or not God is in favor of pride marches proclaiming the rights of sexual and sexual minorities.

It was a blow to my heart. It offended my perception of God and people.

In my mind, everyone belonging to minorities has been fighting for their age. A person who is allowed to be loved freely as his own self is full of power and strength compared to one whose spirit and body have been defeated.

The most provocative: Russia is equal only in killing, it kills civilians and soldiers alike, and it doesn’t feel age-old racism, but lists everything from baby to grandchild.

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Russia misjudges the Liberal West, it has now been shown.

I watched an old videowith the President of Ukraine Zelenskyi dances in a group of men in high heels and sequins. I enjoy. After all, it has a completely different energy than Putin’s bare-breasted riding images.

I don’t rub this perspective on my son’s face. Everyone has their own emotional heating points. And they are good to feel.

It is a different matter to seriously consider joining NATO.

As a woman and a mother, I am in pain as to whether I am unnecessary in this situation.

As a woman and as a mother I have been in pain even if I am unnecessary in this situation. What is my job?

I look at a picture standing on a bookshelf, framed by a little boy, about me. I’m like a superhero, in a tight black overalls, smoking guns in my hands, with war machines flying in the sky.

In the drawing of the little boy, the heroic mother is surrounded by bombers, helicopters and machine guns.

I look wrinkled in the picture. I’m scrapped. But they are not wrinkles: the little boy has drawn long eyelashes with uncertain hand, and they spread all over his face.

For the little boy, the mother was a hero.

Now the boy says I have nothing to worry about when the war breaks out, as long as I follow the instructions. “When you don’t just start soloing.”

It’s hard.

When a boy is with his daughter, I think celebrate and love now when you can.

Newly grown shoulders have a huge burden.

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