At the end of the week Adolf Hitler’s home videos reveal a man who is grooming his dog – The pet was an ideal breed, and because Hitler finally tested the cyanide’s functionality

Adolf Hitler was a canine, it is claimed. But the home films from Kotkanpes say something completely different.

Creator know how I ended up this summer Adolf Hitler home videos. They are a series Eva Braunin silent color films depicting domestic life in the Eagle’s Nest, which were taken over by the United States after the war. Now the videos can be viewed in the country’s National Archives i.e. On the National Archives website.

The films feature casual leisure Hitler joking with office girls and socializing on the Eagle’s Nest terrace.

A startling detail is the cheerful parasols on the terrace, under which the housekeeper serves afternoon coffee.

Young men in suits in their fashionable suits smoke tobacco. Laughter, daring jokes.

The good-natured Hitler comes out the doorway but goes back soon. Urgent work matters require attention.

It inevitably comes to mind that he is in his nest very far from the concreteness of his commandments and what they mean at the grassroots level. Maybe they’re like abstract thoughts, houreu, not really true.

Then surgery. We see Eva Braun exercising in imaginative positions on the shores of a mountain lake.

We will also see Hitler walking back and forth in the room, accelerated. A crowd of men in military uniform follows his every move, looking uncertain. When Hitler turns unexpectedly, they shy away from his path like a swarm of fish.

Cutting. Hitler sits on the terrace next to the white-shirted gentleman. The man meanders in his chair and smiles mechanically. Looks like he’d cry.

Anyone doesn’t really like Hitler, and he seems to know it. There are only opportunists and climbers around, applying for his dark gloom to ascend with the warm air flow, like eagles on a mountain slope.

What is special is Hitler’s interaction with the German Shepherd Blond. Now we see a completely different kind of Hitler. The whole sign language melts. Everything shows how much Hitler hopes the Blonde will like him.

But as Hitler bends over to patch up, the Blonde pulls his tail between his legs, crouches under his hand, and licks his lips in distress.

In addition to Eva Braun, Blond has also been accused posthumously of being a Hitler guy. But it doesn’t look like it.

Hitler had received Blond as a birthday present in 1941. It is said that he had been placed in his own bed in Hitler’s bedroom.

Still, most of the time it was taken care of by a trainer, a midget Fritz Tornow. Next to her right leg, the Blonde is at home.

Little has been done to study the relationship between the Nazis and animals. That perspective has been considered trivial and offensive as well.

In his book Tiere im Nationalsozialismus (Animals in National Socialism) journalist Jan Mohnhaupt writes about how the Nazis outright idealized certain animals – such as German Shepherds – and despised others.

Mohnhaupt thought Hitler didn’t really care about Blond. It was just an instrument of propaganda with which he gladly became photographed.

But I don’t believe it.

It has snowed on the terrace. The trainer leads Blond to Hitler. Hitler leans forward with a smile and seems to talk to the dog nice.

But Blondia doubts. For safety’s sake, it has been hidden a little behind Tornow’s legs.

When the trainer says to Blond “free,” the Blonde jumps a couple of times happily and heads in the other direction.

That’s not right for Hitler. The blonde is retrieved. Hitler then takes Blond’s head between his hands and forces it into contact.

She presses her cheek against Blond’s soft ears. In the film, Blond’s muzzle appears as a faint sheen in the backlight; in the blink of an eye, it looks directly at the camera.

The blonde didn’t trust her master, and that’s what she did right. Hitler fed it cyanide.

It is said that Hitler had said that Blonde is the only one he can trust. But Blonde didn’t trust Hitler, and that’s what she did right, because it didn’t take many years until Hitler told her doctor to test the effectiveness of her cyanide capsules with Blond before taking them herself.

German historian Wolfgang Wipperman (1945–2021) has also considered the relationship between Hitler and Blond in an interview with Dogsworld.

According to Wipperman, it is probable that Hitler has tried to educate Blond with violence.

“This German Shepherd understands that he is a person to be feared and dared to approach only with caution. And in that, the dog was wiser than many Germans who chopped on Hitler’s ads. ”

So so: you think you own a dog, but you can’t own a dog. Although it is a prisoner of man, it keeps its free will.

Perhaps Adolf Hitler missed the dog’s friendship, as the dogs have a light temperament, a soft coat and a wet sympathetic muzzle.

I think Hitler did see that Blonde did not respond to her feelings but that she was forced and anxious. But perhaps that was his best chance for sincere contact. His only chance.

At that age, you should already know that forcing you will not get anything in the end. Not especially love.

Perhaps Hitler thought that if he does not get love in this world, then at least he will make others fear.

But isn’t that a bitter comfort. Oh, that’s a bitter consolation.



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