Asylum seekers Efforts are made to improve the legal security of asylum seekers, the tightening of the previous government was lifted

Applicants’ legal aid will be expanded and appeal periods will be extended from the beginning of August.

Asylum seekers legal aid will be expanded and appeal periods will be extended with the reform of the law from the beginning of next month. Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) The purpose of the law reform under the government program is to improve the legal security of asylum seekers.

In practice, this is a matter of repealing the three tightenings made in the previous term in 2016. The laws were passed by the president of the republic on Thursday.

From the beginning of August, asylum seekers will again receive publicly funded legal aid for the asylum interview in all situations.

Of the year In the 2016 reform, access to public legal aid at the interview was limited to cases where there were considered to be particularly compelling reasons for the need for legal aid. Government Counselor at the Ministry of Justice Päivi Tiainen-Hyrkäs considers that, since the 2016 reform, asylum seekers have not, as a general rule, received public legal aid for interviews.

However, he points out that legal aid has been given to them before and after the interview.

The purpose of the asylum interview is to find out, among other things, the applicant’s travel route and the reasons on the basis of which he or she is seeking asylum.

Second the change is that the appeal period for asylum decisions is restored to 30 days. The appeal period is now 21 days for the Administrative Court and 14 days for the Supreme Administrative Court.

In addition, in the future, private assistants will receive an hourly allowance instead of the current one-off fee. The aim is to ensure the availability of expert assistants.

“With the reform, we will improve the asylum process and ensure that asylum seekers have access to legal counsel right from the start of the process. The changes undo the restrictions placed on the legal protection of asylum seekers during the last government term. The reform is very important for fundamental and human rights, ”the Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson (r) says in a press release.

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