Art Greek police dropped a newly found Picasso painting at a news conference

A painting by Pablo Picasso, stolen from the National Gallery of Athens nine years ago, was reported to have been found on Tuesday. The video shows how the police handled the painting without gloves and even managed to drop it.

Painter Pablo Picasson lost for years, stolen from the National Gallery of Athens Woman’s head The discovery of the painting was announced on Tuesday. The story continued as early as Wednesday when police managed to drop the book at a news conference.

Police had also handled the painting without gloves.

A video circulating on Twitter shows how Picasso and the painter Piet Mondrianin the works lean against a wall at a police briefing. Suddenly, Picasso’s painting slips down.

“Oh no. Police dropped Picasso [teoksen], when they set it up for the press conference and picked it up without gloves. Actually, all the published images show that the works are handled without gloves. This is not a drug arrest, guys, ”the reporter said Daphne Papadopoulou wrote on Twitter.

Picasson upon finding the work, police also found Mondrian’s painting in the windmill.

About a man in his fifties who confesses himself as an art lover has admitted to stealing both works years ago, the newspaper Kathimerini says.

The man who gave the confession said that he had worked without helpers and had preserved the works in his original home.

However, he was concerned that police suspected the works were still in Greece, after which he transferred them to a gorge near the city of Keratéa. The man’s intention was to keep the works to himself.

Greek Minister of Culture Lína Mendónin according to Picasso, the work would have been impossible to sell. The artist donated his paintings to the Greek people in recognition of the country’s battles against Nazi Germany during World War II.

Picasso had written a title deed behind his work, which read “To the Greek people, in tribute to Picasso.”



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