Art An air-hung online sculpture will be built on Senate Square in August – The work is part of Helsinki’s celebration weeks starting next month

The work by the American artist 1.78 is also combined with a sound installation by a Finnish sound artist.

To Senate Square to be built by the United States Janet Echelmanin work 1.78 is scheduled for completion on Senate Square on July 31 and will be on display throughout August.

The network-like sculpture to be built in the air is part of the Earthtime series based on scientific knowledge, the City of Helsinki informs. According to the city, the work is reminiscent of “man’s complex connection to the great cycles of time and the systems of our physical world”.

Echelman’s works have been exhibited in Singapore, Sydney, New York and London, among others.

Echelman the work also combines a sound artist Tuomas Norvion sound installation Empathy for the fish and others.

In the sound work, the underwater sound sent in front of Vallisaari is combined with the wind data measured simultaneously from Echelman’s work from Senate Square.

The work is part of the Helsinki Festival, which starts on 19 August and ends on 5 September, as well as the Helsinki Biennale, whose main exhibition is in Vallisaari.



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