Art A work stolen by Pablo Picasso nine years ago was found in Athens

Picasso’s Woman’s Head was stolen from the National Gallery of Greece in 2012.

Nine years ago in connection with the robbery of a Greek art gallery Pablo Picasson painting has been found.

British Broadcasting Corporation The BBC saysthat Athens police say Picasso Woman’s head has been found as well as a painter Piet Mondrianin painting of a windmill. Both works were stolen in a robbery by the National Gallery of Athens in 2012.

According to Reuters, police have said a Greek man has been arrested after the works were found hidden in a gorge on the outskirts of the city.

The news of the discovery of the work of art came only months after Greek police said they believed the work would still be in the country.

Picasso donated Woman’s head painting to the National Gallery of Athens in 1949. The work had been painted more than a decade earlier, and Picasso said the donation was a recognition of the country’s opposition to Nazi Germany.

Authorities are expected to hold a press conference on the subject on Tuesday, the BBC said.



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