Argentina: thief tried to steal objects from a car when it was moving


Argentine thief

The subject was recorded by passersby of the place.

The subject was recorded by passersby of the place.

The images were shared by users on social networks. The alleged thief was left on the ground

An act of insecurity was the subject of conversation on social networks, after a man climbed into a car that was traveling down a street in Banfield, in Buenos Aires, and tried to steal some objects from the vehicle.

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According to information shared by local media, the subject would have taken advantage of a short car stop and would have gotten in the back to do so, being able to remove the cover of the truck and take out the objects that were stored in the bed.

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Videos shared on social networks show the man’s effort to remove a tire, while the driver performs aggressive braking to achieve the fall of the alleged offender.

The event occurred this Tuesday, April 25, and witnesses from the place say that the man finally fell out of the car and that he was lying on the ground.

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Likewise, they comment that These types of robberies have become recurring in the Argentine capital and that it is not the first time that criminals have tried to steal cars using this technique.


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