Argentina has 2nd day with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the entire pandemic

Argentine President Alberto Fernández speaks at a press conference.| Photo: Esteban Collazo/Government of Argentina

Argentina recorded over 47,663 cases of infection by the new coronavirus, in addition to 23 deaths as a result of Covid-19, according to a bulletin released this Friday by the country’s Ministry of Health.

The total of positives for the last 24 hours is the second highest since the beginning of the pandemic, just below the mark reached on Thursday (30), which was 50,506.

According to the data, the total number of cases in the Argentine territory is 5,654,408 and the number of deaths jumped to 117,169. Currently, there are 230,180 cases considered active, that is, of people who can transmit Covid-19 to others.

In all, 1,009 patients are hospitalized in the country’s ICUs, a number that continues to rise, although it is still far from the record, which was 7,069 people in these units, registered on June 14 this year.

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The occupancy rate of ICU beds by people with all types of illnesses is 34.9% in the entire Argentine territory, and 36.7% in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires.

As of this Saturday (1), the Argentine government will require the presentation of proof of a complete vaccination scheme so that it is possible to participate in activities considered to be of “epidemiological risk”, in the open air or in closed spaces.

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