Architecture Helsinki is auctioning marble tiles from Finlandia Hall

Alvar Aalto’s masterpiece will sell more than 6,000 square meters of architectural history.

With whom anyone will soon have the opportunity to purchase a piece of architectural history. Helsinki intends to auction the marbles of the Finlandia building, which is more than 50 years old.

Alvar Aallon the masterpiece designed by him is currently undergoing a renovation, during which the old marble tiles on the façade will be replaced with new ones.

The city’s construction service Stara will sell Italian pieces of marble in an online auction for municipalities at later this spring.

Marbles can be purchased by anyone, and there is no base price, says Stara’s service manager Teemu Levander.

According to Levander, marbles that have been decommissioned as a building material or as a kitchen level are not suitable, as the tiles have warped over time.

“What about them now come up with a chore, fruit pots though.”

For sale there will be more than a thousand square meters of intact marble slabs and more than five thousand square meters of broken marble.

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Levander believes there are buyers for marbles. If something is left unsold, the city may come up with its own use for the stone.

For example, the Uusix workshop, which operates in connection with the Recycling Center, could even make jewelery from marble, Levander envisions.

The renovation of the Finlandia building is scheduled to be completed in a couple of years. During the renovation, the wooden-built Pikku-Finlandia in the backyard of the Finlandia building will be used as an evacuation space.

The sale of marble tiles was first reported Yle.

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