Appointments The chief conductor of the opera, Hannu Lintu, is applying for a job at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Many well-known influencers of cultural life have applied for the vacant position of strategy director in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

SocialExceptional applications have been made for the vacant position of Strategy Director in the Ministry of Education and Health (STM). The search ended yesterday on Tuesday.

Acting Chief Conductor of the National Opera Hannu Lintu says that he applied for the position because the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has become a major decision-maker in cultural life in Finland.

“The position of Strategy Director offers an interesting perspective on how cultural life in Finland will take shape in the future. In an unstable world, state-led cultural life will increase as more pandemics become more and natural disasters become more common. Culture is a significant part of health and well-being, ”says Lintu.

Bird says she applied for a place at the urging of a theater friend. A friend has also applied for a place.

According to Hannu Linnu, artists have generally not been interested in legal clauses. Everything has changed during the ministry’s guidance letters, audience restrictions imposed by the avi, and segmentation.

The Strategy Director of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has been a prominent task in Korona-era Finland. The post has so far been held Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, which is often seen in the media. The Strategy Director heads a special management support unit in the Ministry, which is responsible for, among other things, implementing the government program in the Ministry and leading the Group’s group strategy work in the Ministry’s administration.

Susanna Kuparinen.

Now a total of 85 people are applying for the post, many of whom, like Linnu, are influencers of cultural life and well-known names. Applicants include Actors Seidi Haarla, Dick Idman and Tobias Zilliacus, dancer Valtteri Raekallio, instructors Aino Kivi, Heikki Kujanpää and Susanna Kuparinen as well as a musician Iiro Rantala.

Applicants also include a musician Olavi Uusivirta, which, however, did not wish to comment on its application to HS.

The idea for the semi-serious applications of the cultural people was given by the artist group Kuusiplus, which has profiled itself as a strong critic of the coronary constraints of cultural life. Almost all key members of the Kuusiplus group are applying for the position.

Oman in his application, conductor Lintu says that he listed the education and normal personal information.

“In particular, I underlined my own leadership experience. In addition, in the free section, I formulated things as well as for the journalist. I find it interesting to think of culture as part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. It’s cross-over thinking. I want to see how cultural work is done in the future. I also believe that the Ministry is excited about my application and also about other applications that I have heard people have made. ”

Bird says he has revealed that he has also applied for a new position for the staff of the National Opera. The sequel is still open.

“We now have to look at how the ministry emphasizes this training related to STM’s core competencies. I will be leaving for Paris in a week and a half, and if the invitation to the interview comes, I will be happy to tell you what I would be like as the new director of strategy at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. ”

On the interest of the cultural people in the position of the director of STM was the first to report on MTV News.



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