Appointments Special situation in the Ministry of Education: The post of Director General was re-applied when “strong” applicants were not found

Anita Lehikoinen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Science: “There were a few other eligible candidates who also had experience that contributes to the successful performance of the position, but no one was strong when the situation changed.”

The general manager a post in the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) has been re-applied for, which is rare.

The Director General is the head of the Department of High School Education and Vocational Training, which also covers apprenticeships and language degrees.

The current general manager and key applicant withdrew all his applications in the middle and decided to leave the ministry.

The rest of the candidates were rather small, perhaps precisely because it had been concluded that the current holder of the post would continue to do so. The Director General is appointed by the Government.

Chief director Mika Tammilehto, 50, says there is no drama involved in his departure.

“I have has now a 20-year career in the ministry. The work has been interesting and challenging, but it is difficult to reconcile with family life. The corona year in particular required a lot, ”says Tammilehto.

Vocational education reform and compulsory education reform have also provided employment.

“Yes I applied for a further period, but after a long time I thought about other duties, I thought that now is the time to jump from the train station and head towards the new,” says Tammilehto.

“It could be something more than education-related,” he says.

The general manager pesti is now in a new search until February 3rd. The post will be filled for five years at a time.

Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Education Anita Lehikoinen says that Tammilehto ‘s withdrawal came as a surprise to him at the stage when two other applicants in addition to Tammilehto had been invited for interviews.

“There were a few other eligible candidates who also had experience that contributed to the successful performance of the position, but no one was strong when the situation changed,” Lehikoinen explains the re-application for the position. This is a rare event.

“After all, a new search is not very common, and there must be a justified reason for it according to the Civil Servants Act,” Lehikoinen says.

“The grounds for declaring a position for re-application or extending the application period may be, for example, in a situation where there have not been enough candidates who have met the qualification requirements and other requirements required for the position,” Lehikoinen explains.

Anita Lehikoinen (center), Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mika Tammilehto, Director General of the Vocational Education Department, and Kati Lounema, Head of the Vocational Competence Unit of the National Board of Education, presented the renewed vocational education in Helsinki on 11 December 2018.­

Alun originally, the post of general manager was announced vacant in November, and 15 people applied for it.

Among them was, among others, one of the campus principals of Stad Vocational College Marko Aaltonen, evaluation adviser Mari Räkköläinen From the National Education Assessment Center Karvista and Sosten Specialist of the Finnish Social and Health Organization Aleksi Kalenius.

Kalenius was once Minister of Education Jukka Gustafsson (sd) Special Assistant and Project Manager in the Ministry of Education. He was also a special expert at the Finnish OECD and UNESCO Representations in Paris.

The general manager according to the vacancy notice, the qualification requirements laid down for the position include, inter alia, the diverse experience required for the position as well as the proven management skills and experience.

The “We expect from the applicant” section also lists, for example, a broad view of the development needs of the education system, especially secondary education, international experience and experience of stakeholder cooperation.

Search the following experts in the field of education had concluded from the emphasis on international experience that it was now desired to plant Demari, or Kalenius, in the post of general manager.

However, according to HS data, Kalenius had not been invited for an interview, but in addition to Tammilehto, Aaltonen and Räkköläinen were invited.

OKM: n previous appointment of general manager attracted attention last summer when the former Director of Yle was appointed Head of the Department of Higher Education and Science Policy Atte Jääskeläinen then Minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kososen (central) performance.

Jääskeläinen finally defeated two experienced female applicants from the ministry. According to the nomination memorandum, Jääskeläinen’s benefit was considered to be “merits of management and communication” in particular.


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