Appointments Pia Pakarinen, who is resigning as Deputy Mayor, has been elected CEO of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

During the last council term, the Coalition Party Pakarinen has served as Deputy Mayor of Education and Training in Helsinki.

Helsinki The resigning deputy mayor of Helsinki has been elected the new CEO of the regional chamber of commerce Pia Pakarinen, the Chamber of Commerce informs.

Pakarinen will take up the position at the beginning of January next year. He will follow the position of CEO Heikki J. Perälä, who will retire in the spring of 2022.

Pakarinen has previously served as Deputy Mayor of Education and Training in Helsinki and would probably have been a strong candidate again for the coalition that won the election in Helsinki. He, however told HS last week, the disappointed deputy mayor was washed away.

“By no means am I interested. I am currently looking for completely different jobs, ”Pakarinen said at the time.

Pakarisella has previous experience in the operations of the Chamber of Commerce, as he has worked as the Director of Advocacy for the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and as the Deputy CEO in 2014–2017.

In addition, he has been the CEO of the Helsinki Entrepreneurs Association in 2011–2014. Pakarinen holds a Master’s degree in Economics, Law and Political Science.

“He is a strong innovator and a frontrunner who combines the skills of advocacy and business and extensive networks in a great way. I wish him success in his position, ”says in a press release the Chairman of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, the CEO of Suomen Messus Anni Vepsäläinen.

Vepsäläinen according to the CEO search attracted a lot of interest and there were several strong candidates for the position. Pakarinen’s long career in business and business organizations makes him a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, the press release states.

“I look forward to it. In my career and politics, I have gained a lot of experience and under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce I can pass on this knowledge and know-how, ”says Pakarinen.

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce includes more than 7,000 companies representing services, trade and industry from 21 municipalities. The Chamber of Commerce has the largest membership in the Nordic countries.



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