Appointments | HS’s former editor-in-chief Kaius Niemi will become a partner of Miltton

Niemi starts at the company as growth and technology director and as a partner.

of HS former managing editor Kaius Niemi passes to Miltton. He starts at the company as growth and technology manager and as a partner.

Niemi told about it on Twitter on Monday morning.

“Time to move towards something new. I start at Miltton as growth and technology director and as a partner. Pesti is extremely interesting, because the company aims to build international growth with both enthusiasm and professional seriousness,” writes Niemi on Twitter.

Miltton says in his press release that Nieme will start the position in June.

“He brings to Miltton’s clients his understanding of the international media field, public debate and the technological development of media and communication,” Miltton writes in its announcement.

Peninsula is the former editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomi, Ilta-Sanomit and Taloussanomi.

He started as HS’s editor-in-chief in 2013. He left his position in November 2022 due to suspicion of drunk driving.

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In the spring, the District Court of Helsinki sentenced Nieme to daily fines for aggravated drunk driving. Niemi drove under the influence of alcohol in the Sanomatalo parking garage last November. Among other things, he reversed his car into a concrete pillar in the hall.

Sanomatalo houses, among other things, the editorial office of Helsingin Sanomat.

Niemi did not complain about the sentence he received.

Before becoming editor-in-chief, Niemi worked, among other things, as editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat.

“Moving to a different industry is a big change for me personally. It’s about challenging yourself as well as learning something new. What fascinates Miltton is the company’s exceptionality compared to other consulting houses,” Niemi writes on Twitter.

of Miltton last year’s turnover was around 25.5 million euros. Its result last year was around 0.8 million euros. According to the company, it employs more than 400 experts from different backgrounds in six different countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium and the United States.

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Niemen is scheduled to start work “from Miltton’s current offices”. According to the company, however, Nieme must find networks for customers also in countries where Miltton does not yet have its own office. In the release, the company mentions separately that it is looking for growth especially in Brussels and Europe.

“Miltton’s team of experts is built in such a way that it includes the best expertise from all different areas of society. In this way, our customers can understand the changes in their operating environment and create relationships with all stakeholders that affect their circumstances”, says the CEO of the Miltton Group Mathias Järnström in the bulletin.

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