Appointments About 15,000 titles have been awarded in Finland, and only a small part of them have been awarded to women – one title has not yet been awarded to anyone

305 business figures have received the title of Finland’s most valuable, mountain councilor. Only two of them have been women.

Title titles are strongly male folk interests in Finland. Since 1918, almost 15,000 titles have been awarded in Finland. Only a small proportion of them are distributed to women. At the end of 2017, women accounted for about 8.3 per cent of all titles.

The situation is even more blatant for those who receive the title of Mining Adviser, the most valuable title in business life. A total of 305 Finns have received this value. Only two of them, or about 0.7 percent, are women.

The first woman to receive the title was the former CEO of Turku Sanomat Irja Ketonen. He was awarded the title in December 1980.

The next women’s mountain council could be expected for almost 30 years. In June 2008, the title of mountain councilor was the second woman to be known as the owner and CEO of the family business Conficap, among others. Maarit Toivanen.

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Maarit Toivanen, known as the owner and CEO of Conficap, is another woman who has been awarded the title of mountain councilor.

Last over the years, women have received about one-fifth of the titles awarded each year. Of the titles awarded in 2020, 19 per cent went to women, while in 2019, 21 per cent.

Member of the Board of Honors and Professor of European History Laura Kolben according to him, the scarcity of titles awarded to women is affected by several factors.

“The simple technical reason is that titles cannot be awarded if they are not applied for,” Kolbe says.

According to Kolbe, there are a number of cultural and social explanations for why women have applied for fewer titles.

“The general division of the labor market favors rewarding male visibility in business life with titles. In areas where women have traditionally had strong skills, there may be less tradition of understanding the importance of the title institution. ”

According to Kolbe, the taxation of titles may also have influenced the eagerness to apply for titles in women-focused fields. Values ​​are subject to a tax paid by the party making the proposal.

“I have to put together a background crew that is willing to pay for the title. It may seem challenging in women’s networks, NGOs or in public office. “

Kolbe believes that the number of titles awarded to women and men could be balanced by encouraging networks from various industries, NGOs and academia to see that women also deserve public recognition and rewards for their merits.

According to Kolbe, however, women are awarded many titles, especially in the social field, domestic work, teaching and the field of culture. For example, the first to receive the title of cultural adviser was an art historian and former director of Kiasma Tuula Arkio.

HS said in an extensive story on titles on Saturday, July 24, the title of mining councilor costs € 48,400. Most recently, that value has been shared by Valmet’s CEO Pasi Laineelle and Kemira’s President and CEO Jari Rosendalille.

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By far the most popular title in Finland is Economic Adviser. 1,837 have been appointed. The second most common title is Professor and the third most common municipal councilor.

Title titles not all are equal, but have a mutual hierarchy. The amount of tax payable is determined on the basis of which of the sixteen groups of titles belongs to the title. In addition, taxes depend on whether the recipient of the title has been employed by the state, municipality or church, in which case the amount of tax is lower.

Finland’s most common titles are at the top of the title hierarchy.

For example, the value of a financial adviser belongs to the sixth basket in the hierarchy of titles. Its price is EUR 6,200, which is a much lower value than the title of mountain councilor. The municipal councilor is one notch and the professor two notches higher.

Many titles have been awarded, but one value has not yet been distributed to anyone. This is the title of art councilor. That value was established in 2017.

It is aimed at “deserving visual artists”. This refers to individuals for whom the research criteria for the title of professor are not met.

“For example, the focus of such a distinguished visual artist’s activity may have been on conveying visual art to the public. The title of art adviser would take into account factors whose activities are relevant not only to individual achievements but also to the field of art in a broad sense. In addition to artists, the target group would include curators and art critics. In the field of culture, titles are disproportionately distributed between different fields of art, and there are fewer titles available in the field of fine arts than in other fields of art, ”writes in the explanatory memorandum of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The value of the art council’s value is 6,200 euros.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, there have been very few applications for the title of Art Councilor and they have not led to the award of the title.



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