Anthony Zambrano, an inspiration: Brazilian athlete, dazzled to meet him


Anthony Zambrano

Anthony Zambrano, silver medal in the 400 meters of Tokyo 2020.

Anthony Zambrano, silver medal in the 400 meters of Tokyo 2020.

The meeting took place during the U-20 World Cup in Cali.

The C dispute continuesUnder-20 World Championships in Athletics which takes place in the city of Cali with young figures from different disciplines.

Zambrano, an example

During the tests, there was a very special meeting when the Colombian athlete and Olympic medalist was present Anthony Zambrano.

It was at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, where a young Brazilian athlete, Vinicius Galeno Moura, specializes in the 200 meter event and is South American champion. he fulfilled the dream of meeting the Colombian star.

The Brazilian did not hesitate to express to Zambrano how important he has been for his career, and told him that he is like an inspiration.

In the dialogue, face to face, they talked about Zambrano’s marks and the young athlete said that he wanted to overcome him.

“I want to beat his record, can I? I have 46:08”, the young Brazilian told him, excited, while Zambrano told him that he had it at 46 27.

“For me you are the best, it is a pleasure to be here and to meet you. You are a great person, continue with your work because it inspires me a lot. It makes me happy to be here,” said the Brazilian, with his eyes lit up.

A photograph sealed the unforgettable moment for this athlete, during the under-20 world event that continues its development in Cali.

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