Animals Veera dolphin, a native of the Särkänniemi dolphinarium, died in Italy – managed to live five years after a secret transfer

Veera was first transferred from Tampere to Greece and last year to Italy. There are only two Särkänniemi dolphins left in the Greek zoo.

Tampere The indigenous Veera dolphin of the Särkänniemi dolphinarium has died in the Italian Oltremare zoo. The bottlenose dolphin was moved with three other dolphins in 2016 from Tampere to the Attica Zoo in Greece.

Veeran from death said the first non-governmental organization is the non-governmental organization Dolphinaria-Free Europe. In Finland about it said first Iltalehti.

Särkänniemi the dolphinarium ceased operations in 2016. As a result, four dolphins (Veera, Delphi, Leevi and Eevert) were transferred to the Attica Zoo south of Athens. An attempt was made to conceal the police-assisted transfer operation, and Särkänniemi did not inform about the transfer in advance. The transfer was revealed, and dozens of people gathered at Pirkkala Airport to oppose the transfer.

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Animal welfare organizations opposed the movement of the animals as they were concerned about the conditions in the Greek park. According to Animalia, dolphins do not get enough protection from the sun in outdoor pools. According to the marine mammal data collection organization Ceta-Base, at least five dolphins died in the Greek park in 2013-2015.

Veera was the last indigenous inhabitant of the Särkänniemi dolphinarium. It was caught in the mid-1980s from the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. It was about 43 years old when he died. Bottlenose dolphins can live in captivity for up to 50 years.

Veera was transferred from Greece to Italy last year. According to the Attica Zoo, the animal was relocated as it would have been the only female dolphin in the Greek park. The Animal Welfare Organization had previously assessed that Veera could not withstand the strain of the second movement.

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Därki, another native of Särkänniemi who was transferred to Greece, died in a Greek park quickly after the transfer in 2017. The nearly 40-year-old animal died of cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest is also suspected to be the cause of Veera’s death. Two more Särkänniemi dolphins, Leevi and Eevert, live in the Attica Zoo.



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