Animals | The walrus traveled more than a kilometer from the sea to the eagle’s backyard – How does a walrus manage on dry land?

According to Korkeasaari’s director of animal care and protection, Nina Tront, the walrus rests on land and gathers strength for swimming trips.

Not at all so far, the walrus that landed in Kotka is not being transferred to the Korkeasaari wildlife hospital, as the veterinarians have assessed its condition as good.

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“Our veterinarian consults the official veterinarian in the area. There was a discussion that now it’s good to let the animal rest in peace”, says Korkeasaari’s director of animal care and protection Nina Trontti.

The walrus was spotted on Tuesday morning in Kotka on dry land about 150 meters from the river bed. The sea is more than a kilometer away. But why does the walrus go so far inland and how does it fare there?

Trontti does not specialize in walruses, so he does not have accurate information.

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“But, for example, in the spring, we get cubs that may have been found very far from the beach.”

Kuutti and walruses cannot be equated with each other, but Trontti finds the same characteristics in them.

“Both are aquatic mammals: moving on land is difficult, but the animals can do it if they want to.”

Tront according to the walrus itself does not need water constantly – the walrus also gives birth to its young on dry land.

“It is perfectly capable of lounging on the beach for long periods of time, even elsewhere than here in Finland at the moment. I’m not that familiar with walruses myself, but I think they can survive on land for longer than one day.”

Usually, hunger and thirst drive walruses back into the water, Trontti thinks.

“Of course, if it’s very hot and warm, the water will also cool you down.”

According to Tront, it would be good to let the walrus rest in peace now. Transporting a walrus to Korkeasaari should only be considered if the walrus’s condition changes in some way. Even in that case, the walrus might only visit the wildlife hospital for a quick visit, and not end up in the zoo at all.

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“If an animal moves from the wild to a zoo, it must be well justified. It must be in the interest of the animal and the species’ protection.”

If the veterinarian determines that the animal is in good condition, it will be helped if necessary and returned to nature afterwards.

“This is the basic principle that we also have at the wildlife hospital.”

In a wildlife hospital, for example, tar swallows may be treated by feeding them, but when they regain their strength, the birds are released back into the wild.

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