Animals The video shows how the Finnish avalanche dog Jedi digs snow frantically when he finds a person – there are only a handful of such special dogs in Finland

When the dog finds a person, it starts digging snow at the point of its choice.

An avalanche rescue dog The Jedi were about to take action in early February. It participated in the World Championships in avalanche exploration in Tyrol, Austria, but the region began to be warned of real avalanches.

The race venue had to be relocated and still be vigilant, says the owner of the Jedi Kirsi Late.

“It was all around all the time when avalanches were shot down in a controlled way,” he says.

It was during these few days that there were an exceptional hundred avalanches in the Tyrol, killing at least 11 people.

However, they did not happen near the competition venue. Admittedly, the five-year-old Jedi could have helped, as he had been trained to save people for years.

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Late It is estimated that there are twenty dogs in Finland that have been trained to look for people in the snow. A dog can smell a person from a depth of more than two meters, he says.

“Even if there’s a thick layer of snow or ice in between, they can smell there being a living person.”

When a dog finds a human, it starts digging snow from the point where the smell comes best through the snow. If the digging fails or the dog gets tired, it will start barking.

Labrador The Jedi and Myöhänen took part in the World Championships of the International Rescue Dog Association (IRO) in Tyrol, where they won silver. The achievement was a trophy. Finland won the lower V-level international championship Krista Forsblom and Labrador Retriever Camo.

The competition measures the skills and obedience of both the dog and the handler.

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In the final exam, for example, the pilot had to find an avalanche transmitter buried deep in the snow. The dog, meanwhile, is looking for three people in an area of ​​12,000 square meters that were hidden in a snow depth of 1.5 meters.

In an obedience test, for example, a dog must travel without fear in a helicopter, ski lift, or snowmobile. In addition, the tests include a ski run where the dog has to stay after the handler.

German Shepherd Pepi and rottweiler Verna were waiting their turn in an avalanche rescue exercise in Tyrol.

In Finland In addition to the avalanches in Lapland, these skills can be useful, for example, in a snowstorm or if you are looking for a person under the snow that has fallen from the roof.

“I have gone into the rescue dog business out of a desire to help,” says Myöhänen.

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Together with his previous dog, Late saved his life in 2014. On a summer evening, police had asked volunteers for help in locating a missing elderly person. The helicopter did not find him on his thermal camera either.

Only after a moment of searching did the dog smell of the man, and at the same time Late and the co-driver found him missing from the ditch. The old man was conscious and finally survived what had happened.

“There’s still cold shivering and skin on the chicken when it was such a great experience.”

Read more: There have been an exceptional hundred avalanches in the last few days in Tyrol, Austria – At least 11 dead and several injured in the Austrian and Swiss avalanches

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