Animals The pig’s “American relatives” lipstickers had their first chick on Korkeasaari

In Korkesaari, another sow in the herd is expected to have offspring soon.

9.6. 14:57

To the High Island lipstickers who moved a year ago have had their first piglet.

Park staff spotted a newcomer last week when the chick’s mother didn’t show up every morning for the invitation.

“We calmed down the interior for the use of the mother and the piglet so they could be in the top two. As the outdoor activities began, both sows protected the boy and clenched their teeth menacingly as the boar approached. Now the herd is guarding the boy together, ”said the Korkeasaari animal keeper Cindy Laitinen park in the bulletin.

More small piglets are expected from another female in the herd.

“We hope the pork will have playmates, as the other sow in the herd is likely to be pregnant.”

Lipstick is an endangered, in some cases extinct, smaller-sized species than South and Central America. When lipsticks get chicks, the whole herd is involved in caring for them.

A herd of three lipstickers from Korkeasaari – Jacky Jack born in 2016 and Lily and Lupita born two years later – arrived last year. The names of Lily and Lupita were chosen at the suggestion of the public.



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