Animals The dog waited daily for his host to be treated outside the hospital in Turkey, the video shows the joy of seeing you again

Waiting for a faithful dog was rewarded after almost a week.

Small a white dog ran after an ambulance through the city of Trabzon in northeastern Turkey on 14 January. The dog host was rushed in the ambulance Cemal Şentürkia to be treated at the hospital, according to the news agency Reuters.

From that day on, a bitch named Boncuk arrived at the hospital every morning, waited outside the doors for his master until evening, and returned the next day. The dog’s name means pearl, he said The Guardian magazine.

The connection between the dog and the owner, who shared a life of about nine years, soon became apparent to everyone, and the dog was allowed to wait at the door. The video shows how happy it was for the host and dog to see you again in the hospital yard after almost a week of waiting.


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