Animals Police suspect the crime in the case of a three-legged wolf

FDA inquiries revealed indications that the wolf had been shot.

Police is investigating the case of a three-legged wolf observed in Punkalaitumu in February as a serious hunting crime, the police of Southwest Finland say in a press release.

On punk pasture was discontinued a police-ordered three-legged wolf on February 7. The wolf was delivered to Oulu for examination by the Food Agency.

The Food Agency’s investigation of the wolf’s broken leg found indications that the wolf had been shot in the past, police said in a statement. According to police, it has been some time since the shooting.

Particular According to the Natural Resources Centre’s DNA survey, the wolf has been on Kemiönsaari last winter, ie in the winter of 2019–2020, the police say.

At the same time, observations have been made of a wolf lame on the left front leg in the area. Kemiönsaari is located in Southwest Finland, about 130 kilometers from Punkalaitumu.

Wolf is classified in Finland very endangered. The reason for the endangerment is hunting.

The wolf is sedated and may only be hunted with an exception.

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