Animals Polan bear male Nord from Ranua Zoo died of a sudden illness

The Nord bear arrived at the zoo last February. There is still a female bear named Venus left in the zoo.

Ranuan Zoo polar bear male Nord has died at the age of 16, the zoo said on Saturday On their Facebook page.

Nord, who arrived at the zoo in February this year, died suddenly and seriously after falling ill. Treatment didn’t help, so Nord was stopped to avoid extra suffering, the zoo said in an update.

The cause of the disease is determined in the zoo.

The female Venus remains in Ranua Zoo. The park’s previous polar bear socks have also included the Manasse polar bear, which died in 2017.

The polar bear is the largest bear species in the world, and the male can weigh up to 700 kilograms. Tarhaolowhere a polar bear can live for up to more than 40 years.

In In 1973, an international agreement was signed to protect polar bears. Ranua Zoo polar bears are part of the European program for the protection of endangered species (EPP), the zoo says on its website.

Polar bears living on the coasts and ice floes of the Arctic are classified as an endangered species. The biggest threats to the polar bear are hunting and the dwindling ice cover, which makes it difficult to prey on seals.

A polar bear is a good swimmer, but the increasing distances of ice rinks can still be a fate for it. Drowned polar bears are being found more and more often.


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