Animals Birds frightened by illegally flown drone rejected more than 3,000 eggs on a California beach

Despite the bans, more wildlife-disturbing movements have been observed in the conservation area, despite the bans.

Tiirat frightened by an illegally flown drone dropped on a California beach and abandoned more than 3,000 eggs, says British newspaper The Guardian.

Two drones were flown unauthorized in May at the Bolsa Chica Nature Preserve in Huntington Beach, San Diego. One of them dropped into the wetland and frightened the birds badly.

As a result of the events, thousands of terns abandoned their nests because they probably thought the drone was an attack by a predator.

According to the authorities, this is one of the largest-scale rejection of eggs in the coastal area in question.

California fisheries and hunting authorities tellthat more drones have been flown illegally recently. They therefore think that the problem should be addressed.

The Bolsa Chica Nature Reserve has been visited by significantly more visitors during the Korona period than in previous years.

The popularity has led to an increase in unauthorized activity in the region.

For example, dogs brought into the area have disturbed the nesting of birds as the dogs have chased the birds. The authorities have decided to tighten controls in the area.

Residents of the million-storey houses on the beach have also caused problems.

According to authorities, some residents seem to think they have the right to stay in the area however they want, even if it would undermine wildlife welfare.



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