Animals A very rare white bear was seen in Kuhmo – “I don’t remember this from Finland or other Nordic countries,” says a large predator

The nature photographer immortalized the delicate individual who frightened the crows. The coloration of the bear is probably due to leukism, which is a congenital deficiency in pigment production

Nature photographer Veijo Toivoniemi immortalized a rare white bear in Kuhmo.

Toivoniemi, who makes nature photography semi-professional, was filming on Tuesday in Kuhmo Lentiira when he spotted a white bear.

“It felt right at the bottom of my stomach that now it hit,” Toivoniemi describes.

The coloration of the bear is probably due to leukism, which is a congenital deficiency in pigment production. The phenomenon is also found in nature in other animals. Due to the deficiency, the animal may be completely white or appear faded.

Toivoniemi, who has been photographing nature for 17 years and also photographed bears, says that he has seen the phenomenon for bears before. However, the other bears have not been as white.

“They may have been a little pale on the collar, for example, or there have been small deviations. This individual was really white, ”says Toivoniemi.

According to Toivoniemi, the individual in question was very timid. It visited the scene once, but at the time the crows scared it. Later, the bear returned.

Eventually, a larger male bear also arrived in the area, expelling it from its path.

In Kuhmo white bears have been seen in the past. A couple of years ago also a journalist, author and nature photographer Kimmo Ohtonen photographed as many as two blond bear cubs in the same washroom.

The bear may be one of them. Blond Brown Bears are very rare.

Large carnivore researcher at the Natural Resources Center Ilpo Kojolan according to the white bear is very rare, but it is not an albino bear.

“This is an exceptionally blond individual. I can’t say how special the case is on a global scale. After all, there are blond individuals in all animal species. I don’t remember seeing this in Finland or other Nordic countries, ”says Kojola.

He speculates that there is some kind of genetic reason behind the color why a normal bear-specific dark color has not developed.

“Yes, this is a very special case.”


The timid individual frightened first the crows, then the bigger male bear.­


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