Animals A herd of bisomes along the highway amazed at the weekend in Parikkala, the fugitives have still not returned – “When the wind turns, they know how to come home”

The bison escaped on Saturday and their location is known. The animals cannot be driven home, so they are monitored and their return home is awaited.

Twenty the bison decided to go for a spring holiday from its own paddock on Saturday in Parikkala, South Karelia. Animal owner Olli Hälvän according to the animals are about five miles from home and are being observed.

The bison are no big friends of the forest, so they travel mostly along the tracks, making it easier to follow their movements.

“No, this is nothing special, as they have half an hour’s walk from the pasture. At the latest, when the wind turns, they know how to come home. Bison navigate using the sense of smell, ”says Hälvä.

According to Hälvä, the reason for the bison’s bites is not known, but it may be that the animals have been startled by a predator that moved nearby.

“Their they have not been attacked, but they are prey animals and can flare up, for example, if a predator has visited outside the fence, for example a bear that has woken up in the spring, ”says Hälvä.

“However, I don’t blame bears or other predators. If this is for some reason, then maybe bad fences. Even if they haven’t been loose, there could always be better fences. ”

According to Hälvä, the bison have previously gone on smaller escape trips dozens of times. The last time the farm was bison was barren for several days about 17 years ago.

This time the herd of bisomists on the escape trip had time to amaze the villages, when a group of twenty people appeared on the road to the corners of the Uukuniemi hotel over the weekend.

Damage according to Hälvä, no animals have occurred, but if the return home is delayed too much, the animals are injected into meat as planned.

“If they don’t leave in a reasonable time to come home, then we will stop them where they are. The decision to quit has been made even before this escape. After all, they go to meat anyway, ”Hälvä says.

The movements of the animals are monitored so that they do not adventure across the state border.

“If they go to the Russian side, then they will lose,” Hälvä says.

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