Animal of the week The wedge-eyed kinke is an agile freak

Kinkaju climbs with his handy spiral tail.

Bridge a week on the animal column to teach distance from exotic South American animals. Did you know that there is a creature called kinkaju? Also a spiral-tailed bear in Finnish.

This agile button eye is contradictory in many ways. In a way, it resembles a monkey, but the kinku is one of the half-bears, although it has little in common with the bear.

Carnivores of carnivores Carnivoraeven in the sect it is read, even though the kinkaju does not eat meat.

Kinkaju no head with such an effort. It thrives in the rainforests of Central and South America and climbs trees with its convenient spiral tail. So it has a gripping tail like some monkeys, sort of the Fifth Limb.

Kinkaju is also able to rotate his ankle 180 degrees, which also facilitates acrobatic procedures. It can climb anyway.

Cat-sized kinky walks move in the twilight of the morning and evening and sleep in the shelter of the trees during the day. Their chirping and animation echoes in the canopies.

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The creature is a strange combination of stinging, monkey and raccoon. The latter is related to it.

Kinkaju eats almost exclusively fruit, and supplements its food circle with tree leaves and plants. On top of its fruit salad, it might hang a couple of termites and ants as a source of extra protein. Sometimes it can rob a hive and lip the honey in better mouths. In German, the creature is called a honey bear.

Kinkajut are widespread in rainforests and are not yet endangered. However, they are caught as pets and their leather is used to make wallets, among other things. As a pet, kinkaju is probably not weird, although it is very cute. A night-active wildlife would be better left in its home forest.

But so what the heck of a miracle? The original form of the name meant wolverine in Algonquin. For some reason, French naturalists who orbited the Americans applied the name to this animal.

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So the name comes from the Native Americans who never even saw a creature living in the rainforest.

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